Traducción de white gold en Español:

white gold

oro blanco, n.


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    oro blanco masculino
    • Ninety percent of the store's offerings are gilded in 22 to 23 karats or 12-karat white gold, according to Carroll.
    • Also included in the staggering price is a key to the box, designed by exclusive jewellers Graffs of London, made of white gold and covered in 126 diamonds, which can be worn as a pendant.
    • Materials such as 18-carat white gold, rhodium (a platinum) and platinum plating feature in the collection.
    • Wedding bands are traditionally made of gold, white gold or platinum.
    • Modern Indian women seem to be more fascinated by Platinum, white gold and silver than our grandmothers' passion for gold.
    • The rings will be offered in yellow or white gold, with an optional diamond or ruby.
    • But so great was the demand for ‘white metal’ jewellery that gold was mixed with other metals to make white gold.
    • Adding nickel or Palladium turns yellow gold to white gold.
    • Holding out her hand, Nadia showed her wedding ring - a simple piece in white gold - and her earrings and necklace, also of simple designs.
    • The bottle is made of pure white gold, finest ruby crystal and finished with a diamond-encrusted wreath.
    • A woman who wears mostly silver jewelry might prefer a platinum or white gold setting to coordinate with her existing accessories.
    • The hilt was magnificent - silver and white gold interlocking like leafy vines around a steel base.
    • Made of white gold and diamonds, the tiara is shaped like two bridges to fit across the bride's forehead.
    • She wore no jewelry save the band of white gold on one of her fingers, a ring that once belonged to her mother.
    • A brilliant cut diamond pendant, set in 18-carat white gold, is the elegant prize on offer for the best dressed woman on Thursday.
    • Your first decision will be the type of material you want for your bands, which may be yellow gold, white gold, platinum, titanium, or even as unusual sounding a material as tungsten.
    • Our varieties of bands in platinum, white gold and yellow gold will be the perfect setting for your customized jewel.
    • Her preferred metals are white gold, bronze and silver.
    • With the ever growing popularity of platinum rings, many couples are looking to shining silver and white gold as a cheaper substitute.
    • The necklace was made out of white gold and at the bottom hung a tear.