Traducción de white horses en Español:

white horses

cabrillas, n.

sustantivo plural

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    cabrillas femenino
    olas encrespadas femenino
    • The spirit of the wave is physically embodied in the enormous white horses which are charging through the water as the three surfers surge forward.
    • Kayaks are pulled safely up on huge driftwood logs surrounding camp; beyond them the ocean is a sea of white horses.
    • It was quite windy with white horses on the waves, but this didn't inconvenience the ducks in the least.
    • The swell's dying now, and an onshore has chopped up the beautiful lines into white horses.
    • Round the corner, the sea is full of white horses.
    • There were white horses and swell out on the race course, the tide had gone out allowing spectators to get closer to the action, the sun was still shining and the top six boats were through.