Traducción de white lie en Español:

white lie

mentira piadosa, n.


  • 1

    mentira piadosa femenino
    • Following a few white lies about his TV experience, Andy was offered the job as presenter on a live children's show.
    • Of course, there are plenty of legitimate routes to the top which don't involve telling little white lies about your track record.
    • Little white lies or to put it in better words ‘tactful’ replies could save someone's feelings and prevent them from having to face bitter truths.
    • We think it's trivial, even necessary; this is the famous white lie.
    • The ideological blinders of communism, the ridiculous deception, and the white lies we tell every day - they're all just ways to avoid the shock of the truth.
    • Of course we're all capable of telling little white lies.
    • I told a few white lies because I would have lost my job; psychologically, I depended on those tablets.
    • A little white lie to help morale couldn't hurt, I figured.
    • It could be argued that these little white lies simply make the world go round a little more smoothly.
    • We've all done it, told those innocent little white lies, right, and we've all had our reasons, or so we thought.
    • Anyway, I see nothing wrong with little white lies in that situation to spare the gift-giver's feelings.
    • Research revealed that untruths range from little white lies to huge whoppers aimed purely at personal gain.
    • But his big dreams land him in hot water when a great white lie turns him into an unlikely hero.
    • Maybe we find it hard to resist gossiping or telling little white lies to improve our image.
    • Your mother was always good at the little white lies.
    • Meagan knew better than to lie, but a little white lie never hurt anybody.
    • She fools herself into thinking she can control the situation, but gradually the little white lies, awkward evasions and chance meetings combine to expose her guilty secret.
    • While acknowledging he did not tell the whole truth, he insisted that white lies are commonplace in politics.
    • But still, I understand the little white lies are usually harmless and many people tell them.
    • And sometimes, as my wife will confirm, these little white lies will even work.