Traducción de whole food en Español:

whole food

alimentos integrales, n.

Pronunciación /hoʊl fud//ˈhəʊlfuːd/



  • 1

    alimentos integrales masculino
    (cookery) (before noun) natural
    whole-food shop tienda de alimentos integrales femenino
    • Cross-country skiing burns an enormous amount of calories, but I do eat a lot of fresh fruit and wholefoods.
    • They can be found in health and wholefood shops, and some delicatessens and supermarkets.
    • Bulgur (cracked wheat) is available in most supermarkets and wholefood stores.
    • Some wholefood shops sell organic capers bottled in olive oil if you find the standard ones too salty.
    • This wholefoods, high-fiber diet kept them remarkably free of chronic disease.
    • ‘We rely on supplement sales to sell the range of wholefoods we offer,’ she explained.
    • Growers sell their produce direct to the consumer making them better value than supermarket organics and fresher than the sad ritual display of wrinkly produce that lingers in some wholefood shops.
    • And these days, the ingredients aren't difficult to source: a variety of Japanese noodles and seaweed is readily available in most supermarkets, wholefood stores and delicatessens.
    • Then we'll be able to concentrate on other interests, mainly in the wholefood cookery area.
    • The course focuses on a wholefood diet as the basis of sound nutrition.
    • He got some relief from a homoeopathic remedy he picked up at Tullivers herbs and wholefood shop in Colliergate, York.
    • Start any green tea hunt in your local wholefood shop or at Whittard of Chelsea (Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth) who do a decent basic sencha.
    • A few doors across, in the wholefood cafe, a father and his young son were about to tuck into their tofu burgers.
    • In one study, anti-cancer agents were found to be up to 13 times more effective when several foods in a wholefood diet were combined.
    • Unfortunately, refusal to try a wide range of fresh and wholefoods deprives children of the very nutrients they need for emotional stability.
    • He gave me acupuncture and put me on a wholefood diet.
    • If you've had the good fortune to taste its milk (on sale in good wholefood and specialist food shops), you'll instantly notice the difference.
    • Vanessa returned with a tray bearing two mugs of coffee, plates with slices of Mikki's healthy, wholefood cake and two forks.
    • Both are available in Middle Eastern stores, wholefood shops and some supermarkets.
    • She sees a need to return to a simpler wholefood diet.