Traducción de whomever en Español:



Pronunciación /humˈɛvər//huːmˈɛvə/



  • 1

    (no matter who)
    whomever you ask a quienquiera que se lo preguntes
    • How do we expect to be secure in our region unless we agree completely with everything said by whomever happens to be in power?
    • Growers must always be allowed to do business with whomever they wish.
    • I vote for whomever is closest to my personal goal and not to what a particular party or view holds dear.
    • Most important, I had many friends there who offered to help and introduce us to whomever we wanted to meet.
    • As a single man, he is entitled to see whomever he wants.
  • 2

    (the one, ones who)
    I'll invite whomever I like voy a invitar a quien (se) me dé la gana