Traducción de whoopee en Español:


¡yupi!, interj.

Pronunciación /ˈ(h)wʊpi//wʊˈpiː//(h)wʊˈpi/



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    ¡yupi! coloquial
    • I feel no wild whoopee, just a quiet thankfulness and feeling of ‘flatness’.
    • She announced the Hotel deal as the first success of the new Delegates Charter at the Congress venue - to a round of whoopees and widespread applause.
    • I start, whoopee, a new show on Tuesday in England, which is called the ‘X-Factor.’
    • Also, the neighbors probably just think, ‘Free music, whoopee!’
    • And there I was-dark, red hair, messily tied up and in dusty clothes - whoopee.
    • There are just three more days to get through and then, whoopee, it's the big one: New Year's Eve.
    • I thought I had a dentist after all these years - whoopee.
    • After an exchange of letters, I have finally got my appointment for next week - whoopee, I am still alive to attend it, thank God.
    • Everyone was pleased at the prospect that someone had stood up against our tyrant of a principal, and whoopee, that person was me.
    • Goodie goodie, it's London airport again, terminal 4, whoopee.