Traducción de whoops en Español:


¡ay!, interj.

Pronunciación /wups//wʊps//wʊps/


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    ¡epa! América del Sur coloquial
    ¡híjole! México coloquial
    • They simply went to all the trouble of cutting a deal with Sony to push the CD, and then suddenly remember - whoops - that they'd already made this deal with Antigone Rising.
    • Oh, whoops, it turns out I didn't recall correctly - such depraved weddings have, to my knowledge, always been legal.
    • But then, whoops, here comes an eyewitness that places him taking the car and bringing it back, covered in mud, 1,000 miles on the odometer.
    • When Bull similarly asked people how many songs users listened to, it turned out that - whoops - nobody really needed 10,000 tunes.
    • And we said, whoops, it isn't five or six years, it's one or two years.
    • He slipped up in his police statement and said, in fact, while we were driving around, I mean, while I was driving around, whoops.
    • And I walk by his desk and, whoops, accidentally knock off his notebook.
    • But - whoops - there was no labeling and tracking of the altered corn, which was planted by U.S. farmers on 350,000 acres this year.
    • Oh, whoops, that's only when you aren't one of the Times Illuminati.
    • Everything is sensibly on track until he wakes up in bed with Becky - a dancer at his bachelor party, and also, whoops, Karen's cousin.
    • I'm walking along, carrying Jackson, and then whoops!
    • His arms started flailing, and whoops! he was heading backwards again.
    • It was then discovered that, whoops, $130,000 had disappeared from NT's bank account over four years.
    • That was the consensus on the left - until, whoops!
    • So we're in the pleasant position of not having to ask anyone for money to support our blogging habit, whoops, I mean to support our blogging.
    • I'm taking the lava lamp, I'm going one, two, three, four - whoops, five.
    • Currently, it looks as if you are being inundated by nothing but orange, whoops, I mean ‘saffron’.
    • At the time, I took a lot of criticism by people saying it's not happening to any of us - and whoops!
    • You're innocently playing around on the internet when - whoops - you accidentally buy a car belonging to Elvis Presley.
    • But whoops - the wifi isn't turned on at this location.