Traducción de whoosh en Español:


Pronunciación /wuːʃ//(h)wuʃ//(h)wʊʃ//wʊʃ/


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    there was a whoosh as the flames consumed the papers se oyó como un rugido al devorarse las llamas los papeles
    • the whoosh of the sliding doors closing el soplido de las puertas corredizas al cerrarse
    • His breath came in short whooshes from brown cheeks.
    • I hate the delivery whoosh, but want the new mail ping.
    • All I catch is his name, Tim, and then he is off in a Lycra whoosh.
    • There was a whoosh that sounded like a supersonic jet.
    • Mrs. Williams took a deep breath and let it out in a whoosh.
    • The door opened and closed with a faint whoosh sound that surprised me.
    • Most electronic music is still founded on blips, bleeps, whooshes, and other ‘spacey’ sounds.
    • I managed to open the door and about three seconds later it went up with a whoosh.
    • Incredible whooshes that sound like huge airliners amazingly turn out to be green-winged teals recorded from close range.
    • Or is it a triple CD packed full of interminable electronic bleeps and whooshes, both inaccessible and incomprehensible?
    • With a whoosh, a machine on the hangar wall came to life.
    • He's gone in a whoosh, leaving the trio to dissect his speech.
    • The grenade was sent on its way with a dull whoosh.
    • There was a great whoosh, as if someone had agitated the can.
    • There's not a tinkle, whoosh, or rattle that isn't illustrative.
    • Even the instrumental is all atmospheric whooshes and no concrete melodies.
    • For maximum impact you must disperse speakers round the room, so that when Harry's broomstick zooms overhead, you will feel the whoosh.
    • The next thing there was a dull thud and a whoosh.
    • There was a whoosh, a sound like a thick book being shut, and a stranger walked through the closed closet door.
    • Jesse felt all his breath leave his body with a whoosh.

verbo intransitivo

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    the car whooshed past el coche pasó haciendo 'zuum'
    • the water came whooshing out el agua salió en un chorro
    • A kereru whooshed overhead this morning and a korimako was chiming from the branches of a nearby tree.
    • One of the persistent legends that attaches to Saville, is that, like the author Douglas Adams, he loves the sound of deadlines whooshing past.
    • Back then, it was lazy weekends picnicking by - and whooshing down - the natural sandstone water chute at Slide Rock.
    • I stopped talking, and relaxed in the cushy seat to hear the light whooshing sound of the train speeding along the track.
    • And with that, he was gone, the door whooshing closed behind him.
    • He felt his heart pumping, the blood whooshing inside his head.
    • She smiled as she listened to the crickets in the tall grass nearby and the soft whooshing sound of the leaves swaying gently in the breeze above her.
    • It's nice to think of them picturing Father Christmas and his sleigh whooshing across frosty rooftops.
    • The door whooshed open, and they ran into the corridor.
    • And the channel rail link wasn't even a dream then, but now runs through a cutting at the bottom of the village, with trains whooshing past every half hour of so.
    • It was a wonderful car for wooshing down across the roads of Europe but it proved to be the very worst sort of vehicle for dirt-track roads.
    • A stream of people whooshed by, pulling me along in the darkness toward the bus stop.
    • The water whooshed down the drain.
    • Instead I picked up a sandwich and cycled through Yoyogi Park, whooshing through the drifts of orange-brown leaves.
    • A black blur wooshed past us with frighteningly high speed.
    • The Hertfordshire countryside whooshes by in a smudge of muddy green and grey.
    • Every morning there is utter chaos at the school: children crying, parents shouting, instructors sighing, skiers and boarders whooshing past and mini buses weaving.
    • I looked up to dozens of cormorants whooshing softly overhead.
    • In 10 minutes, you are whooshed from the desert floor at 2,643 feet in elevation to Mt. San Jacinto State Park at 8,516 feet.
    • Twisting and spinning up and down the rope, he whooshed a few feet above the audience's heads.