Traducción de why en español:


por qué, adv.

Pronunciación: /wʌɪ//(h)waɪ/


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    por qué
    why are you laughing? ¿por qué te ríes?
    • why not? ¿por qué no?
    • why is it that … ? ¿por qué será que … ?
    • why the secrecy? ¿por qué tanto secreto?
    • why do it yourself when you can get somebody else to do it? ¿por qué lo vas a hacer tú cuando puedes hacer que lo haga otro?
    • you look tired: why don't you lie down? tienes cara de cansado ¿por qué no te recuestas?
    • why don't you shut up? ¿por qué no te callas?
    • ask her why she refused pregúntale por qué se negó
    • there's no reason why you shouldn't apply for it no hay ningún motivo para que no lo solicites
    • this is why the attempt failed fue por esto / por esta razón que el intento fracasó
    • because he lied to me, that's why! ¡porque me mintió! ¡por eso!
    • the reason why he couldn't attend la razón por la cual no pudo asistir
    • he's in Rome, which is why he couldn't attend está en Roma, razón por la cual no pudo asistir
    • It is the reason why so many Namibians sacrificed their lives in the struggle for liberation.
    • I have been asking students and friends whether and why they will be voting.
    • Everybody I spoke with knew there would be no parade and the reason why it wasn't going ahead.
    • And, perhaps more pertinently, why do we insist on knowing about it in the first place?
    • It seemed to beg the question: why, then, had it taken England so long to return?
    • Why, exactly did I think moving to a seaside resort would be a good thing?
    • That was seen as the reason why previous moves by the bank had been attacked by media and politicians.
    • At least your friends never ask you why you never read a single issue of this magazine.
    • Why can't we do this with politicians?
    • If they were really such good friends, why does the caller keep getting the phone number wrong?
    • The reason why I have certain comfort zones is due to a lesson I learnt when I was younger.
    • They are part of the reason why he turned down jobs outside of Dundee.
    • For example - why, time after time, does Britain bid to host the Olympics in Manchester?
    • The relative poverty of the region is the reason why the financial losses seem disproportionately small.
    • This is the reason why none of these leaders could make any positive contribution in the real sense.
    • His example is shocking: why, we ask, could he not have employed a small boy with a rattle to scare them off?
    • The reason why my cranium was not injured was because I was wearing an ancient, yellow climbing helmet.
    • It's obvious that the two of you are the reason why the kids have such a great time at the ranch.
    • Okay, you may ask, if the person was such a good friend then why did I lose contact with them in the first place.
    • Well, why did you agree to drive your mates around whilst they did all the tag work?
    • It is not enough to know the result of something, because it is necessary to figure out the reason why.
    • And that is the reason why in the things nearest our hearts we praise so little and criticise so lavishly.
    • The reason why this wasn't the case was clear when the guide actually asked how many Beatles fans there were on board.
    • Since the start of the war, a number of friends have asked why I am still protesting against it.
    • Demetriou said he wondered day and night why his friend ended his life so brutally.
    • That is the reason why most of the nests are in the feeding area of the bird.
    • That is part of the reason why we are going in for a completely fresh start.
    • I advised my team leaders about this problem, and the reason why it had occurred.
    • So some of my friends have been wondering why I have been sort of down in the dumps.
    • I don't know the reason why he has said all this but it puts him in a bad light.
    • The reason why they are having to claim this is because the Government prevents asylum seekers from working.
    • The reason why this guy makes me feel better is because he has less!
    • Firstly, the reason why we publish pictures from crashes is to show people the consequence of accidents.
    • Sometimes, I wonder who my friends are, and why it is they all seem to be crazy in the head.
    • On the one hand, it is too easy to blame victims rather than grapple with the reason why they are victims.


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    why, I do believe you're right! ¡vaya / anda! ¡creo que tienes razón!
    • why, if it isn't Pauline Wright! ¡vaya, si es Pauline Wright!
    • why, of course! ¡por supuesto que sí!


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    porqué masculino
    the why and the how el cómo y el porqué
    • she always insists on knowing the whys and wherefores siempre tiene que saber todas las razones / todos los detalles