Traducción de wide-ranging en Español:


amplio, adj.

Pronunciación /wʌɪdˈreɪndʒɪŋ//ˌwaɪdˈreɪndʒɪŋ/


  • 1

    (curriculum/powers) amplio
    (interests) variado
    (interests) diverso
    (effects) de gran alcance
    • It is a wide-ranging consultation document, comprehensive and efficient.
    • The Government is undertaking a wide-ranging review of gaming with a view to introducing new legislation next year.
    • One can only hope that a capable replacement with wide-ranging musical knowledge can be found.
    • The Spanish Jewish communities enjoyed wide-ranging economic and legal powers.
    • It is a time of energy, anticipation and a wide-ranging discussion of issues.
    • She also said the short questions at higher level were wide-ranging but needed specific answers.
    • A month and a half ago, a wide-ranging discussion on the subject came up on a private mailing list.
    • We have extraordinarily broad and wide-ranging networks of contacts, friends and family that span the globe.
    • At that stage, they had to sit a wide-ranging exam to be allowed permanent registration to practice.
    • They ask why their members should be subject to an organisation with such a wide-ranging power.
    • Now the senatorial elite with its wide-ranging interests had lost power.
    • Members of Parliament hate having this sort of wide-ranging power sneaked past them as much as you do.
    • I am pretty excited and intrigued by a film setting that makes use of such a wide-ranging soundtrack.
    • Her discussion is wide-ranging, whereas the focus of this comment will be narrow.
    • It is difficult to make neat generalizations about this wide-ranging and ambitious volume.
    • It is a wide-ranging inquiry looking at all aspects of the bushfire hazard situation in Australia.
    • It was quite interesting and wide-ranging, and one of the topics was death.
    • The university made the award in recognition of his wide-ranging career and interests.
    • The prospect of handing such potentially wide-ranging power over to the judiciary has led to a number of concerns.
    • But he said Britain would play a full part in wide-ranging discussions in the future about the force.