Traducción de widely en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈwaɪdli//ˈwʌɪdli/


  • 1

    she is very widely traveled ha viajado mucho
    • a widely read young man un joven de extensa cultura
    • opposition to the regime is widely based la oposición al régimen tiene una base muy amplia
    • these products are now widely available estos productos se consiguen con facilidad ahora
    • it was widely publicized se le dio gran publicidad
  • 2

    it is widely believed that … comúnmente se cree que …
    • it is not widely understood that … no se suele entender que …
    • a widely held view una opinión muy extendida
    • a widely used brand of detergent una marca de detergente muy usada
    • a widely respected figure una figura muy respetada
    • a widely read newspaper un diario muy leído
    • a 19ᵗʰ century author still widely read today un autor del siglo XIX que se lee mucho aún hoy
  • 3

    (to a large degree)
    (vary) mucho
    the two styles are widely different los dos estilos son muy diferentes
    • Precise laws governed their administration, yet they differed widely in character.
    • The date and length of the flowering season varied widely among the different clones.
    • Yet just by looking at the English and German sites we see widely different layouts.
    • Chuck and Ellen have posted widely different reports about this movie in recent days.
    • The scope of the duty varies widely according to the nature of the employment.
    • This script is characterised by elegant angular forms that were to vary widely.
    • Heavy coffee drinkers who suddenly stop drinking the stuff often get headaches, but tolerance varies widely.
    • But this is effectively where the comparison ends, because they are two widely different books.
    • State laws vary widely, with some allowing specific forms of gambling within their borders.
    • As might be expected, their verses reflect widely different experiences of Ireland.
    • Sometimes quite separate items of news from widely different places can appear to be connected.
    • Children across the world, from widely different backgrounds, celebrate their coming of age.
    • There were also widely different figures for donations between all three accounts.
    • Retail prices vary widely, but the industry is considered to be quite profitable.
    • The union also said the use of the orders varied widely in different parts of the country.
    • Their motives in choosing things can vary fairly widely, but it will never be anything to do with the garments themselves.
    • In a similar way, the opinions of conservatives could vary widely.
    • This week's Westmorland Gazette reveals two widely different viewpoints about Kendal and its future.
    • The static and dynamic characteristics of these two types of vehicles vary widely.
    • Interest rates vary widely, so switching lenders can bring savings.