Traducción de wield en Español:


blandir, v.

Pronunciación /wild//wiːld/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (handle, use)
    (sword) blandir
    (sword) empuñar
    I taught him how to wield a knife and fork le enseñé a usar / manejar los cubiertos
    • He has many connections within the American and Israeli intelligence community, wields much influence and carries a large following.
    • It wields enormous power over all aspects of government.
    • This also holds entirely for the party that wields the state power within the boundaries of the USSR.
    • Security guards were robbed at gunpoint by raiders wielding a sawn-off shotgun and a pistol.
    • The most impressive new feature is the ability to wield two weapons at once.
    • Here and there lay the bodies of a few raiders, killed by desperate farmers wielding crude weapons.
    • During his evidence Akhtar denied hitting anyone or wielding any weapons himself.
    • These fifty-somethings have plans, and the spending power to wield influence.
    • He wields enormous influence and has appointed himself as surrogate spokesman for the Democratic opposition.
    • It was really quite remarkable to watch, and she stared in awe as he wielded his weapon with expert precision and timing.
    • This bandit was a lot bigger than the other bandits and he wielded his weapons with skill.
    • She was strong and could wield any weapon that was handed to her.
    • He wields enormous power just by being the manager of Celtic, but so far has let his on-field record do the talking.
    • It did not help that it had been years since he had wielded any weapon other then a small dagger.
    • But, as far as I remember, I could not recall any princess that wields a weapon.
    • As a leading shareholder, he wields power and influence himself, and has not been afraid to use it.
    • The warrior goddess, riding upon a lion and wielding a weapon in each of her 10 arms.
    • Which daring seekers will wield those tools, and to what effect?
    • The men wielded their weapons with the easy skill of long experience.
    • She pulled her staff from its bindings on her back, and was stunned momentarily as the other wielded a similar weapon.
    • He ran across the battle field, wielding no weapon except for a small knife.
    • Yes, it works; yes outcome is dependent on the skills of the person wielding the tools.
    • This is despite the fact that even today a district collector wields enormous power.
    • How will the new editors wield their enormous influence on the local book world?
    • The second claim is that corporations wield massive power over nation states.
    • The figure wielded her weapon expertly, a large meat-cutting knife, and the man was down shortly.
    • Many hope that the province will be able to wield some influence with Ottawa when it comes to allocation of the resource next year.
    • They ministered to the religious needs of the people and were able to wield considerable influence.
    • The government wields enormous power over the economy, and industrialists are always looking for ways to promote their interests.
    • The Royal Company of Archers is a group of mostly elderly men who dress up for ceremonial events, but they also wield power and influence.
    • Was that Cabinet minister under a misapprehension or do you actually wield power or influence?
    • In the 1920s the Ku Klux Klan wielded enormous influence within the national Democratic Party.
    • He paused in his assent, wielding the weapon with a skill that surely took years of training.
    • Lucifer once wielded this weapon, but was defeated and the sword was sealed away using a sealing key.
    • Now, more than ever, we need to continue our growth as a political force so that we may one day be able to wield the power the Supreme Court has given us today.
    • Such agreement cannot be spontaneous, so who wields influence within the Council, and what form does this influence take?
    • I have never had any general fight training, so each time I have to wield a weapon I start from scratch.
    • The graceful lines of the woodwork seemed at odds with the rough hands that wielded the tools.
    • The security guard is omnipotent, and he wields his enormous power with relish - only he can decide who gets to step inside.
    • The Protestant public also wielded the power to obscure their influence in the public sphere and redefine the terms of public debate.
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    (authority/power) ejercer