Traducción de wigging en Español:


regañina, n.

Pronunciación /ˈwɪɡɪŋ/



  • 1

    regañina femenino
    rapapolvo masculino España coloquial
    café masculino Cono Sur coloquial
    to give sb a wigging regañar a algn
    • No fund manager is going to get a wigging from the FSA, still less a belting fine, by buying and holding gilts.
    • Grewcock appeared to be lucky to receive only a wigging.
    • He might suspect the young Briton could pull a political stunt by giving him a wigging.
    • You said that she probably gives him a wigging now and then: that is particularly apposite when one considers her courtroom persona, from both sides of the bench.
    • Neil gets a wigging for non-publication of a favourable review.