Traducción de wild-eyed en Español:


con ojos de loco, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈwaɪldˌaɪd//ˌwʌɪldˈʌɪd/


  • 1

    (fanatic) con ojos de loco
    (fanatic) de ojos desorbitados
    wild-eyed with excitement loco de entusiasmo
    • they closed in on their wild-eyed victim cercaron a su aterrada víctima
    • The little screen showed a wild-eyed man, standing much too close to the camera.
    • A longtime wearer of contacts, Roberts needed no persuading afterward to keep the new lenses, even if they make him look like some wild-eyed creature from a science fiction film.
    • It too has the gift of disguise, now appearing as a wild-eyed woman, now as a vacantly smiling man.
    • The wild-eyed soldier rushed out like an animal released from captivity, and leaned along the railing, starting to laugh with uncontrollable joy.
    • The man jumped, snapped his head at me and gave me a wild-eyed, slack-jawed expression of shock.
    • That was Ishmael's job, but he had that wild-eyed look fishermen get in the presence of slimy dead animals with gaping mouths.
    • On our way into the French Quarter, a wild-eyed man flags down our car, begging us for insulin or information about where some can be found.
    • Terrified, the horses were wild-eyed, ears pulled back.
    • The animal looks back at me in wild-eyed confusion.
    • At least then I could spot them in good time (clipboard, sensible cardie and wild-eyed look of desperation) and take avoiding action without looking too obvious.
    • Eventually the original horse whisperer worked out how to get a wild-eyed stallion to accept bridle, saddle and rider in just 30 minutes without breaking its spirit.
    • A player in a slump is a sad sight to behold, equal parts wild-eyed desperation and puppy-dog bewilderment.
    • A wild-eyed man who worships Neil Diamond and was deaf as a child is second.
    • At the end of a date with Arzu, Mehmet is riding the bus home when a shaggy, wild-eyed man boards and sits next to him.
    • One carried a TV set, and both squinted like feral animals, wild-eyed and bristly-bearded and sunburned, as they walked toward the Jeep.
    • They seem like grizzled, wild-eyed children delighted with today's adventure.
    • That wild-eyed amphibian has brought people together across the land, uniting one and all across this nation in their shared annoyance.
    • So Simon Streeting and me started to lose at Millionaire, but when Simon Streeting went up to get us another drink, the wild-eyed man caught my eye.
    • We also expect them to quickly put down any wild-eyed, frothing animal before they can latch on to anyone with their fatal, infectious bite.
    • Then a woman popped up out of the water, wild-eyed and panicking.