Traducción de winch en Español:


cabrestante, n.

Pronunciación /wɪn(t)ʃ//wɪn(t)ʃ/


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    cabrestante masculino
    torno masculino
    guinche masculino
    • The cage was lowered by winch and wire rope to a depth of 5m, just deep enough to escape the surface surge and swell.
    • Recovery operations are carried out using two Rotzler hydraulic winches and a hydraulically operated crane.
    • The raised forecastle has all the normal anchor handling gear as well as a huge single winch used for hauling loads out of the fish hold.
    • Lucia was going to need a winch to haul me around everyday.
    • The evil ones quickly pulled it tight and then attached a large bag on a winch to the ropes and then pulled the bag over the castle wall.
    • Forward of the boilers there is little but scraps of metal, except for the anchor winch, chains and anchors.
    • They do the work of motorized winches - haul logs, or move stuck tractors, raise towers, and so on - but with the deftness of a human hand.
    • I'd say it was an ex-fishing boat because it's got a drum winch on the front.
    • The anchor winch has a large drum on the back, with its axis along the wreck.
    • Ropes and pulleys and an electric winch were used for the job.
    • Mark grabs it and attaches it to the winch as Gerry starts the winch motor.
    • We came out through a hatch onto the stern deck, next to the main winch from which ropes and netting seemed to disappear in all directions.
    • Perched at the stern, where she is manning one of the winches used to crank the ropes that control the main sails, Souka looks uneasy.
    • But remember, all those ropes and winches and seafaring clutter have an important function, and the crew will certainly need to be able to get to them (sometimes in a hurry).
    • Driving down hill was the most dangerous, so shoes were fitted to the wheels and a wire rope attached to a winch on the engine was sometimes used to control movement on a steep gradient.
    • The company, which has divisions in the Blue Toon, Aberdeen and Old Deer, makes hydraulic equipment such as winches and cranes, for the fishing and offshore industries.
    • It has neat navigational aids, polished winches, ropes a-plenty, exciting pump-action loos and a limitless supply of biscuits.
    • North Yorkshire Fire and rescue crews released Mr Brader using specialist winches and airbags to lift up the tractor.
    • The para-dropping and cargo handling equipment comprises two travelling cranes, two winches, rollgang and tiedown equipment.
    • To haul one of his traps, Glen uses a gaff to grab its buoy, then wraps the attached rope around a hydraulic winch that brings the trap from its resting place, typically in two to six fathoms of water, to boat-side.

verbo transitivo

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    levantar con un cabrestante o torno
    when he tugs on the line, winch him up cuando tire de la cuerda, súbelo