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Winchester, n.

Pronunciación /ˈwɪn(t)ʃəstər//ˈwɪntʃɪstə//ˈwɪnˌtʃɛstər/


  • 1also Winchester rifle
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    • Millions upon millions of traditional ejecting Winchesters have been sold so there must be something comfortably right about them.
    • The three-position safety is reminiscent of Winchesters and allows operation of the bolt for unloading while in the middle, but still safe, position.
    • The new Winchesters feature inertial triggers and a conventional tang safety that also doubles as a barrel selector.
    • At Plevna the Russians' use of howitzers firing over the heads of their assault troops negated the Turks superior infantry firepower - provided by Winchester rifles - by forcing the defenders to take cover against the bursting shells.
    • The 1885, as with most Winchesters of the time, was offered with many options including barrel length, round, octagon barrels or a combination thereof, set triggers, fancy wood and special sights.
  • 2also Winchester disk

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    • When hard drives started appearing in personal computers, computer guys would ask, ‘Does it have a Winchester drive?’
    • Many people don't realize that the founding fathers of the Winchester disk drive at IBM Corporation originally mandated that the computer's primary storage device, the magnetic hard disk drive, was to be removable.
    • News Seagate is hoping to build a new direction for hard disk development by acquiring a startup that implements optical technology on Winchester drives to increase data density.
    • But the fiercely competitive makers of Winchester drives have fought off foreign competition.
    • As time goes by, it is becoming harder to get hold of spares or some of the more exciting bits of hardware like second processors or Winchester drives.