Traducción de wind farm en Español:

wind farm

parque eólico, n.


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    parque eólico masculino
    • Residents have mixed views about plans to build a £50m wind farm near their homes.
    • The businessman said he was prepared to let the wind farm be built on his land for nothing, provided it did not spoil his guests' views.
    • There will be no point in building a wind farm in Lewis unless the electricity it produces can be transported to the mainland.
    • They used pinwheels to create a mock wind farm in a prominent location on campus.
    • Campaigners are cranking up opposition to plans for a wind farm on moors north of Bury with a public meeting in Ramsbottom next week.
    • The new wind farm off Great Yarmouth beach is not only a brilliant sight but also no danger to anyone - save the few fat cat corporate bosses.
    • Villagers were celebrating in March when plans for a wind farm on land near Clowbridge Reservoir were thrown out.
    • The proposed wind farm is close to the edge of the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
    • If they can buy the land before a planning decision is made on the wind farm, they are likely to secure it for a much lower price.
    • The wind farm has also sparked a dispute between local residents and Bord na Móna over the ownership of land.
    • He said local councils and other groups were also being consulted about the wind farm.
    • Baywind also hopes to invest in one of the 30 turbines planned by Warwick Energy for an offshore wind farm near Barrow.
    • Some residents have also spoken up in favour of the wind farm.
    • A wind farm, for example, is likely to occupy more land than a thermal power station.
    • Local residents who object to the wind farm know that they could be rejecting a huge flow of funds into the area.
    • When complete, the wind farm will produce enough electricity to power 6,500 homes.
    • The Lakes park expansion would take in a Cumbrian hill called Whinash, near Shap, where a massive wind farm has been proposed.
    • She is happy for the Wellington Regional Council to own the wind farm.
    • Residents are stepping up the fight to stop a wind farm being built in a Bolton village.
    • The wind farm at Watchfield has sparked much controversy and I am accused by two letter writers of inaccurate information.