Traducción de windbag en Español:


cotorra, n.

Pronunciación /ˈwɪn(d)bæɡ//ˈwɪn(d)baɡ/



  • 1

    cotorra femenino coloquial
    charlatán masculino
    charlatana femenino
    • ‘What an old windbag,’ Saba sneered at King Mondo.
    • I met some very nice and clever people, and deflated a couple of well-filled windbags.
    • But the meeting continued way beyond its allotted time frame, mainly due to the fact that the pompous windbags who called the meeting in the first place couldn't stick to an agenda if their mothers' lives depended on it.
    • It's because, on balance, I think he's a pompous windbag.
    • I trust they also will eventually tire of blow-hard windbags - whether the wind is blowing from the left or the right.
    • I can think of no one in the whole world who could play a scheming windbag of a womaniser better than him!
    • And if you think I'm using big words, you should have heard these ivory tower windbags.
    • It died because the Democrats and their media groupies overplayed their hand, as usual, and so turned a real scandal into just another fake scandal for senatorial windbags to huff and puff over.
    • Most had been disagreeable, pompous windbags at best.
    • It is a document that some of our meat-headed media windbags would be well advised to read - even if they have to move their lips while they're doing it.
    • They can range from I-work-with-bricks-and-steel-and-you-don't macho he-men on one end of the spectrum to the pompous, condescending windbags affecting Wrightian capes and walking sticks on the other.
    • The indictment against Adams, as I read it, is that he's a fat, pompous old windbag who assumes that anyone with an opposing viewpoint is a fool or a knave.
    • Making fun of political windbags is a tried and true method of reducing their influence and puncturing their ridiculous high opinion of themselves.
    • One wonders why this paragon of windbags campaigned so passionately for the republican cause in a country he hadn't lived in for over thirty years.
    • The windbags of ‘the international community’ huffily insisted that he did.
    • Especially when the convention itself will be nothing but a bunch of boring windbags telling lie after lie.
    • Ok, so I'm really nothing like him but if I was to be reincarnated as a pompous windbag that'd be the type I'd like to be.
    • As is usually the case with Washington windbags, these claims are hyperbolic.
    • ‘He's a pumped-up windbag who should be denied the oxygen of publicity,’ she says.
    • ‘The boy looks like a pompous windbag,’ Vandy interjected.