Traducción de window en Español:


ventana, n.

Pronunciación /ˈwɪndoʊ//ˈwɪndəʊ/


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    • 1.1

      (of building) ventana femenino
      (of car) ventanilla femenino
      (of car) luna femenino
      (of shop) escaparate masculino España
      (of shop) vitrina femenino América Latina
      (of shop) vidriera femenino América Latina
      don't lean out of the window no te asomes por la ventana/ventanilla
      • to clean the windows limpiar los cristales
      • to throw sth out (of) the window echar algo por la borda
      • the window frame el marco de la ventana
      • Her eyes were gazing out the bay window in her room.
      • He told the driver where to go and Juliet sat there, gazing out the tinted windows.
      • Light is drawn into the room through a large bay window overlooking the front garden.
      • They would have screamed and broken Gap windows.
      • Because of the mild climate there were no glass panes in the windows.
      • To help during the transition period, the shop has put up posters in its windows explaining what customers should do when paying their bills in the future
      • The living room has a large double-glazed sash window overlooking Macken Street as well as a cast-iron fireplace.
      • The rest of my street was full of similarly old-fashioned houses, a few shops with iron barred windows, well-used cars and a group of bored looking kids hanging out on one corner.
      • The adjacent shop window display was filled with flowers and decorative plants.
      • The driver's window rolled down to reveal Jonathon with a huge grin on his face.
      • A large shuttered sash window overlooking the communal square makes this an exceptionally bright area.
      • The apartments and penthouses have double-glazed redwood framed windows, fitted kitchens and gas-fired central heating.
      • I turned my head to the left and saw Rashad leaning out the front passenger side window.
      • It has wider hallways, higher ceilings, more windows admitting more natural light and more places for students to hang out.
      • All the houses will have a traditional look with curved timber framed windows, decorative roof detail and over-door pediments.
      • When I peeked out of the upstairs bedroom window, I spotted Robert's car down the street.
      • She looked into one of the mirrored windows of a shop to check she looked OK.
      • I try to focus on the window displays of the shops that we pass instead of focusing on him.
      • Kat glanced out the car window looking around, taking as much of the place into her memory as possible.
      • The apartment has double-glazed sash windows and a cherrywood staircase set into a recessed wall.
      • The front passenger window rolled down just enough so she could see James Alcott.
      • Almost every shop has a notice in the window, advising customers of the proprietor's holiday arrangements.
      • The glass panes of some windows in the office and officers' quarters had been broken.
      • The thieves broke in by forcing a casement window in the dining room before ransacking the house.
      • Keiko looked to Otaru, who was avoiding eye contact by looking at the windows of the shops across the street.
      • Retail shops across the length and breadth of the city are dressing up their windows to attract customers.
      • Food-themed window displays in many shops and businesses in the town also added extra interest.
      • Both of the front bedroom windows were wide open and Nev sat in a chair by the bed.
      • She looked in the windows of the shops, and chatted with some of the store owners.
      • Elise was in the front window of her shop, arranging a new display for the upcoming season.
      • The shop window display is one of the highlights of St Patrick's week in Castlebar.
      • He sped down the streets, looking into the windows of shops and restaurants.
      • He peered out the upstairs kitchen window to see two men outside.
      • Had it been a usual morning, people would have been walking about and peering in various shop display windows along the block.
      • In that film, shop displays and storefront windows greeted Tom Cruise with ideas of how to enhance his clothing selections.
      • This periodic table was spotted last week in Miami in the window of an Armani shop.
      • As soon as the brown paper came down from the windows, customers started arriving.
      • Carolyn has opened the bay window in the room and is looking outside, when Liz feels a chill.
      • Almost 50 town centre shops are giving up some of their window space to support carnival week.
      • Yuuba tugged on his mother's torn dress while she seemed to be staring into the window of a shop at a beautiful white silk gown.

    • 1.2(sales counter)

      ventanilla femenino
      • The colors are bright and cheery, and case officers sit at desks arranged in an open plan, rather than behind plexiglass windows.
      • It is anything but out of the ordinary, too, for the ‘sell-out’ signs to be posted on the ticket office windows of the arena.
      • The office was empty, swivel chairs motionless behind open reception windows.
      • I was taken round the back and made my way in along a little narrow passage to a window serving as a reception desk.
      • In the ensuing chaos a few minutes after the ticket windows opened, all of the six ticket windows were damaged, and several women collapsed.
      • They were carrying a hammer which they banged on the security windows of the bank as they demanded money.
      • In the corridor leading to the interview windows, they have panoramic views of cities in America.
      • You then presented this screen to the shopper in a pop-up window - something like a cash point ATM window.
      • Teller windows at the Bank of France were mobbed by a record crowd as a deadline for declaring franc coins expired, the central bank said on Friday.
      • Starting July 1st, two female personnel with rulers stand at the ticket windows to determine whether the length of the skirt earns a discount.
      • I ran across the street to get into the office. There were several customers at the windows, some being served, others waiting to be served.
      • He paid Mr Wood through the window and took a ticket for the Leasgill gate.
      • About 20 Gothamites are waiting in line in front of old-fashioned, gated bank windows.

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    • 2.1(of envelope)

      ventanilla femenino
      before noun window envelope sobre de ventanilla masculino
      • This results in yellowed envelopes, shrunken address windows, and brittle paper.
      • Police say the first four letters were sent using window envelopes, with the Elland Road address showing through the window.
      • Do you feel obliged to tear out plastic windows in envelopes before recycling them?
      • However, on examination it transpired that envelope A did not actually have a window.
      • Just as I'm posting it, I notice no return address is showing in the envelope's window.

    • 2.2Informática

      ventana femenino
      recuadro masculino
      • Other differences relate to the rules for entering a phrase into the search engine phrase window.
      • This will leave the last update in the client browser's window after your program exits.
      • You may need to scroll or resize the pop-up image window to get a good view.
      • The viewer gets the video and audio directly into his Internet browser window.
      • Microsoft Windows users can think of a terminal as like a DOS prompt or command window.