Traducción de window box en Español:

window box

jardinera, n.


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    jardinera femenino
    • A window box is even large enough to grow radishes and arugula.
    • A special planting day has been proposed where you can bring along your window box or hanging basket and the committee will plant them for you - leaving you with just the small task of keeping them watered.
    • A window box filled with compost and direct-planted will become completely waterlogged unless there are drainage holes.
    • Another plant that will draw second looks in a window box is Brassica oleracea, the ornamental cabbage, low growing, in soft shades of pink, green and white.
    • Charlie asked as Uncle Henry turned to leave, ‘Can she plant some flowers in the window box?’
    • In every window was a window box filled with large blossoms, and every door on the street was painted something garish.
    • You don't need an elaborate set-up to paint your window box before planting it.
    • Lace curtains hung in the windows and just outside, lavender was growing in the window box.
    • You can join in the fun with a pretty plant container, a window box, a flower-filled balcony or even a hanging basket.
    • They are an inexpensive way to brighten up a bare patch in a flowerbed, or put with other spring flowering plants such as primulas in a window box or patio pot.
    • As far as we are concerned, anything that grows is a candidate for a window box.
    • Not all properties have a garden, but it is rare to find one that doesn't have scope for some kind of horticultural element, be it a window box or a tub outside the front door.
    • Another tiny flower that works well in a window box is diascia, an evergreen perennial from South Africa that thrives in our climate.
    • I've grown herbs in a window box and I would like to transplant them into the garden and plant up the window box with some bulbs.
    • Take walks in the park, visit your local botanical garden, plant a garden or a window box.
    • If primulas are not your thing, plant up your window box with perennials.
    • Fill your window box about half full with the potting mix, and add water to moisten the mix if it's dry.
    • The classic window box plant is ivy, from plain dark green to variegated pale green and white.
    • I replanted the kitchen window box three weeks ago and it came into bloom in the sunshine last weekend.
    • When it comes to planting up a window box or tub, select good-quality large bulbs because the blooms are seen at close quarters.