Traducción de window cleaner en Español:

window cleaner

limpiacristales, n.


  • 1

    (product) limpiacristales masculino
    (product) limpiavidrios masculino América Latina
    (person) limpiacristales femenino
    (person) limpiavidrios femenino América Latina
    • After all, when the window cleaner comes to clean your windows and you pay him he doesn't ask you where the money's come from.
    • Mr Oaks, who has worked as a window cleaner for the past 15 years, joked: ‘I have seen some strange things over the years.’
    • Companies are happy to employ window cleaners and people to vacuum but many of them forget about the danger at their fingertips.
    • The number of women employing au pairs, window cleaners and gardeners has increased by only 7.9 per cent in the past five years.
    • Eveidently the tenant had neither heard of a vacuum cleaner nor a window cleaner.
    • My employer was always short of what he called ‘change’ for the milkman, the window cleaner (then a necessity in London), and for a round of drinks or a taxi fare.
    • The trees belonged to her husband Thomas, 57, a self-employed window cleaner, who has been growing bonsai for more than ten years, and has displayed them at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show.
    • The musical, based on the book by Abe Burrows with music and lyrics by Frank Loesser, focuses on J Pierrepont, a young window cleaner who starts to climb the corporate ladder.
    • The door would normally be locked but the window cleaner had just been.
    • After retiring from soccer in 1977 Astle became a window cleaner before forging a TV career in the 1990s with cameo singing roles on television's Fantasy Football League show.