Traducción de window ledge en Español:

window ledge

alféizar de la ventana, n.


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    alféizar de la ventana masculino
    repisa de la ventana femenino
    • On the window ledge is an old kitchen scale that belonged to her grandmother.
    • Many varieties will grow quite happily indoors on a sunny window ledge or porch.
    • The windows in Mr Iveson's room had low sills and he may have sat on the window ledge to make a call.
    • He kicked open the window, and stepped out onto the window ledge.
    • A window cleaner who plunged 45 ft to his death from a third-floor window ledge must not have had his safety harness fastened, an inquest heard.
    • The next stop is the window ledge on the 48th floor.
    • In Scarborough, North Yorkshire, striking firefighters left their picket line to rescue a man trapped on a window ledge on top of a 50 ft hostel.
    • The zucchini did so well they somersaulted off into the garden below, but tomato plants, if you can give them enough water and fertiliser will live happily on a window ledge or balcony all summer.
    • Snails are why I grow strawberries in window boxes, not that a snail sees the sheer cliff of wall leading to the window ledge as anything but a challenge.
    • It is quite happy on a window ledge provided you keep the leaves off the glass, and it is available everywhere in endless varieties from palest pink to deep purple.
    • We sat there for perhaps half an hour, watching the yachts go sailing by, collecting hundreds of the perfect unbroken shells to fill jars for my bathroom window ledge.
    • He recalls having to make quick decisions - in one case leaving a colleague on a window ledge because of the weight limit on the ladder as the casualties were brought down.
    • A window cleaner who stole a rival's ladder, leaving him hanging onto a window ledge, has been ordered to do 18 months community service.
    • The fire started when a burning scented candle on a window ledge ignited the curtains.
    • The startled homeowner reacted by threatening him with a golf club but, in the ensuing struggle, Dempsey grabbed the implement and smashed his way out on to a window ledge.
    • Climbing onto the window ledge, she dangled her legs downwards.
    • There was no response from the boy perched on the window ledge.
    • During my visit I saw that the proposed conservatory would be directly below the main living room window, although the ridge of the roof would not extend as far upwards as the window ledge.
    • She knew where all the protruding stones on the outer wall were from her many late night escapes and confidently swung one leg over the window ledge.
    • The woman, who was now outside the building on the window ledge, looked down and slid her feet closer to the edge.