Traducción de windpipe en Español:


tráquea, n.

Pronunciación /ˈwɪn(d)pʌɪp//ˈwɪn(d)paɪp/


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    tráquea femenino
    • In some cases, such as when the swollen epiglottis blocks the windpipe, a tracheostomy may be performed.
    • All victims are suffering varying degrees of burns to their skin, lungs and windpipes, caused by inhaling hot gases.
    • The thyroid gland is situated in the throat, on either side of the windpipe.
    • This involves making a cut into the windpipe below the swollen part of your airway, providing a new opening through which you can breathe.
    • Sometimes, however, young children can have a cough because an object is stuck in their windpipe.
    • The windpipe is connected to each lung by a large airway called the bronchus.
    • Find your pulse by placing your index and third finger on your neck to the side of your windpipe, over your carotid artery.
    • The inside of her throat had swollen rapidly and already her windpipe was almost completely blocked.
    • When you breathe in through your windpipe, the air moves through your bronchial tubes into your air sacs.
    • In primates the larynx is located high up in the windpipe and prevents solids and liquids from entering the lungs.
    • This is not very common in adults but sometimes happens in young children with smaller, narrower windpipes.
    • The larynx descends in the throat until the windpipe and foodpipe are lying side by side.
    • The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland located in front of the windpipe in the neck.
    • We cannot replace a pair of lungs, or a windpipe as we would material things in our homes.
    • Scientists injected some of these mice with GFD, and then injected cat allergen into the windpipes of all the mice, including a control group that was not allergic to cats.
    • Children younger than 3 years of age have croup most often because their windpipes are narrow - some children have it practically every time they have a respiratory illness.
    • Once the grafts had matured they were used to reconstruct defective windpipes in seven foetal lambs.
    • A hole had been cut in her windpipe and the main artery in her neck had been severed almost all the way through.
    • In October, Rehnquist underwent surgery to create a breathing hole in his windpipe.
    • His big rough hand completely circled her throat, adding pressure to her windpipe.