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Pronunciación /ˈwɪn(d)skriːn//ˈwɪn(d)skrin/



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    • As well as windscreen repairs, Jeff can supply affordable windscreens and windscreen rubbers.
    • Motorists whose vehicles have tinted windscreens are being given three weeks to see the light - or face prosecution.
    • By only using windscreens from leading glass manufacturers, Autoglass says it can focus on training its technicians to the highest standards.
    • The light grey chalk dust sticks on motor vehicle windscreens and other shiny objects and does not easily come off.
    • The impact smashed the front windscreen and ruptured fuel pipes in the engine causing the car to become an inferno.
    • Last week, we were driving along when a bird we hadn't seen before flew right past the front windscreen.
    • The concrete went through the back window and struck him on the shoulder and then hit the front windscreen.
    • As part of the new campaign, police will also be advising drivers who have small coloured red or blue lights in their front windscreens.
    • This has led Autoglass to launch a campaign to encourage fleet managers to ensure that any chipped windscreens are repaired before they turn into cracks, saving a huge amount of time and money.
    • The new system is operated by a small display unit which is placed near the front windscreen of the car.
    • The windscreen and the bumper are the two main sources of injury in pedestrian crashes.
    • The windscreen is closer to horizontal than on the hatchback, and the rear overhang is longer.
    • Private hire vehicles are now required to carry new, more visible licence plates on the rear of the vehicle, near and offside front doors and front and rear windscreens.
    • The light standard for vehicle windscreens means front windows must allow 75 per cent of light through, while side windows must admit 70 per cent.
    • A gang of drunken thugs threw a can of booze which smashed the front windscreen of a family's car.
    • The vandals mainly broke off wing mirrors and damaged windscreens in the vehicles.
    • Other cars in the Keith Thompson Centre car park, at Braithwaite, Keighley, had windscreens smashed and body work dented in the incident on Monday night.
    • Trouble flared on Tuesday night when the front and rear windscreens were smashed.
    • Several vehicles have had their windscreens broken and bodywork dented.
    • Pupils on a school trip drove back from London in a damaged coach after a pheasant flew into the front windscreen.