Traducción de windsurfer en Español:


tablista, n.

Pronunciación /ˈwɪndsəːfə//ˈwɪn(d)ˌsərfər/


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    tablista masculino
    windsurfista femenino
    • About one half of all unprovoked shark attacks worldwide involved surfers or windsurfers.
    • ‘I was a keen windsurfer, but Sam took to it like a duck to water,’ said his father, Andrew.
    • Apparently driving a jet ski is not really exciting and some people try to get an extra dose of adrenalin by passing windsurfers, kayaks and swimmers as close as possible.
    • When the wind is blowing off the river, kite-fliers weave their crafts in and out of the air pockets above, and the para-gliders and windsurfers do the same upon the ruffled waters.
    • With the backing of her then brother-in-law, she decided to design and sell shorts for windsurfers - capitalising on the island's windsurfing craze in the 1980s.
    • Professional fishermen, Bluff Point residents, surfers and windsurfers expressed strong concerns that dumping would affect the shoreline, surf and crayfish catch.
    • The main event of the festival will be the first in the series of the Irish Windsurfing Association freestyle competitions running throughout Saturday and Sunday with windsurfers from all over Ireland.
    • With over 20 million windsurfers around the globe, this initiative is targeting windsurfing and related water sports as a tourism attraction.
    • Nick Dempsey has one race left in the Mistral windsurfers and is in fourth place, 12 points from the bronze medal.
    • Hundreds flock to the beach for picnics, kite-flying and watersports, including windsurfers who take full advantage of a brisk prevailing wind.
    • When the windsurfer came back several hours later he found the man's clothing and belongings still on the beach, became concerned, and called us.
    • Some just pass through Geraldton for the night while others, such as keen windsurfers, might spend a week or even a couple of months in the city.
    • It's just south of downtown, on the opposite shore of English Bay, and on hot summer days hosts thousands of suntanners, swimmers, volleyball players, windsurfers, and wet dogs.
    • There are cheap rooms and palapas near Paia; if you're stuck, go over there and ask some of the surfers or windsurfers if they can direct you to a cheap room deal.
    • The waters of Carrick Roads are also used by fishermen, yachtsmen, windsurfers, canoeists and divers.
    • Dempsey ended the 10th race in sixth place to hold onto his overall in fourth place overall, but the windsurfers above him in the standings pulled away from him.
    • A former pupil at Colden Common Primary School, Kings' School and Peter Symonds' College, Larry was a keen windsurfer, skateboarder, sailor and kitesurfer.
    • Concentrations of enthusiasts in their power boats, sailboats and ski boats are being joined increasingly by personal watercraft riders, windsurfers and kitesurfers.
    • It's a heady mix of cool cafes and cockles, windsurfers and artists, beach volleyball and bookstalls, fresh fish and funky T-shirts.
    • In 2005 surfers and windsurfers were involved in 54 percent of the attacks in which victims' activities at the time of attack are known.
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    tabla de windsurf femenino
    • Pedal boats and tents can be hired at spots along the road and even on this somewhat grey and overcast day, the bright sails of windsurfers and sailing boats could be seen scudding across the lake.
    • I'm sure they know they are not windsurfers but by calling them so, they avoid insurance claims against aviation equipment.
    • This area of the Lleyn Peninsula is better known for the holiday village of Abersoch, where every summer the beaches and waters come alive with the bright sails of yachts, sailing dinghies and windsurfers.
    • It has two speedboats slung over the back, many windsurfers, two jet skis, 12 cabins, a crew of eight (including a bosun) and the usual range of bar stools coated in whale foreskin.
    • The third edition in 1989 saw the exit of windsurfers and more accent on keelboats, with ocean-going yachts arriving from many points.
    • He also pointed out that there was scope for non-powered craft, such as yachts and windsurfers, which were not subject to the speed limit, to tow skiers above the 10 mph limit.
    • The adolescents were avid windsurfers who had to pass their rites of puberty by completing an overnight journey, alone and out of sight of their home, aboard their own windsurfers.
    • There's always something to look at: seagulls, pelicans, colorful people in sailboats and on windsurfers, kids playing with dogs, or just the wind in the grass.
    • He completed a solo crossing on his windsurfer from Seal Beach to Catalina Island, a 25.5 nautical mile journey, in just under 5 hours to fulfil a childhood goal
    • Then at around midday the water was taken over by windsurfers crashing through the waves.
    • Kayaks, sailboats, and windsurfers are available all day.
    • The yacht is a perfect platform for water sports such as scuba diving, and is equipped with windsurfers, waterskis and snorkels.
    • But other categories have few or no licences, such as windsurfers, and Friday South Lakeland district councillors will be asked if they want to introduce greater flexibility into the licensing of pleasure craft.
    • It can fit in the boot of an ordinary car, can be used as a surf board, a rowing dinghy, a windsurfer, a sailing dingy, can be towed behind a power boat or used as a beach boat for children (under supervision, of course) and costs next to nothing.
    • On this rare day, a windsurfer with black rubber body and transparent sail swings around like an insect.
    • The minister said as well as bringing in regulations covering drinking aboard pleasure craft, he will also deal with safety issues regarding surfboards and windsurfers.
    • South of Metulla, by the shores of the Sea of Galilee, windsurfers are shooting across the water at great speed and the ‘Jesus boat’ sails tourists in the same waters that Christ is said to have walked on.
    • There are 140 competitors here from 37 countries and the sight of all these athletes heading out to sea on their windsurfers was inspiring.
    • He explained that now, while there was a waiting list to get licences for rowing boats and yachts, there was a total of 50 unused slots available in other categories, including 30 for windsurfers which had never been used.
    • With complimentary snorkelling gear, windsurfers, sunfish sailing boats and ocean kayaks, there will be hours of fun in the sun.