Traducción de windy en Español:


ventoso, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈwɪndi//ˈwɪndi/

adjetivowindiest, windier

  • 1

    (day/weather) ventoso
    (day/weather) de viento
    it's windy hace viento
    • Then again, it was a pretty windy day, and voices were muted by the sound of the wind.
    • The kids were running around, some with kites, as the weather was so windy.
    • Avoid low spots that might flood, as well as high, exposed, or windy locations.
    • The climate was temperate but windy, the terrain a mixture of downland, rocky hills and peat bogs.
    • Roy Appleyard converted from the touchline, an excellent kick considering the very windy conditions.
    • Also, do not spray soaps onto plants that are water-stressed or during hot, windy, or humid weather.
    • Was warm but quite windy and once we'd got there it was basically grey.
    • The tradespeople aren't working outside this morning because it's too windy and dangerous.
    • Cleaning graffiti off walls would not be everybody's first choice at 8.30 am on a cold windy day.
    • Our weather today is very windy with the odd shower of rain.
    • Very windy conditions and extremely warm weather increase the dangers associated with backyard burning as well.
    • Liam Varley opened the scoring for the seasiders on this cold and extremely windy outing.
    • Urban heat islands occur mainly at night and are reduced in windy conditions.
    • Free-range hens huddled in their doorways because their field was a bit windy.
    • Though it was a dull, rather windy day, people turned out in force.
    • As it got closer, it got extremely windy, I could barely see from the dust clouds everywhere.
    • Hilly areas are often windy, but the wind could blow strong for certain periods and then not at all during others.
    • Jessie and myself are convinced that it is still much too windy.
    • It was clear from the start that the strong windy conditions were going to have an immediate effect on the result of the game.
    • Even if it is sunny, it can be quite windy on Lough Corrib.
  • 2coloquial

    (speaker/speech) pesado
    • All those windy characters were kind of hard to bring to life when I was reading them in high school.
    • Election Day in a Chinese village brings Jimmy Carter, windy speeches, and dubious promises
    • I recently took Mark Pilgrim off my links, because he wrote a very windy and tedious wind-up of Dave Winer.
    • Otherwise our multi-lateral, global institutions are exposed as windy talking shops.
    • By the end of a book that began as a windy meditation on leadership we are left with the impression of a decent man whose experiences offer many lessons indeed.
    • It's a funny track and I like it, but it's funny because it works against the original Chuck D vocal, deflating it, making him sound a bit windy and stupid.
    • One word of warning: it's awfully windy out there, so make sure to bring items to weigh down the lighter things which are in danger of blowing away.
    • I'm all for due credit, but save the acknowledgements for your windy Grammy acceptance speech.
    • The first time I was aware of James Schuyler was in one of those rather windy American ‘Best of’ annuals.
    • The king goes on to bore the hell out of them with a long, windy speech.
    • Even on radio, their rhetorical style sounds windy, verbose, addicted to polysyllables for their own sake.
  • 3Britanico coloquial, anticuado

    he's a right windy so and so se asusta de nada
    • he got windy le entró miedo