Traducción de wine list en Español:

wine list

carta de vinos, n.


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    carta de vinos femenino
    • Three courses la carte will cost you £55, but that is nothing compared to the damage you can do to your credit card on the massive wine list.
    • On each table are the menu and a wine list with wines available from 950 baht (or by the glass if you ask).
    • Mention of the burgundy reminds me that I have not referred to the wine list, which is extensive to say the least.
    • Our monosyllabic waiter briefly sprung into life when it came to choosing from the wine list.
    • Over a couple of pints of Kingfisher lager (a wine list is available), we chose our starters.
    • The wine list here is about the length of a late period Agatha Christie, but more of an unknown quantity.
    • A colorful photograph will likely appear in the book-style beverage menu prominently placed on each table, along with the wine list.
    • There's nothing more annoying than seeing dual vintages on a wine list.
    • The wine list is two sides of an A4 sheet with no room for showing off, and seems very intelligently chosen.
    • My friend's face fell as he surveyed the wine list.
    • The wine list offers lots of options in the teens and twenties (at $36, a Mondavi Zin is a splurge).
    • The wine list, thick as a church missal has won the Decanter wine list of the year with monotonous regularity.
    • There's time to scan the wine list, sample a glass of Guigal's white Cotes du Rhone, or a red Mercurey from Faiveley.
    • Do you panic when snooty sommeliers thrust an encyclopaedic wine list at you and you know that they will be back in a minute demanding an answer?
    • For example, wines are listed in order of lighter to fuller-bodied on the wine list, making it easier for servers to help customers choose.
    • This pub is lovely during the quieter hours and it's got some tasty wines on the wine list but when it's busy it's full of squealing, pretentious media types.
    • Another Bauduc white, Les Trois Hectares, sells for £45 on the Ramsay wine list.
    • Both the wine list and its menu are short, well-chosen, and affordable.
    • Andy wanted to see a wine list, but when no list was available, I had to remind him he was in Rome, Georgia, not Rome, Italy, and we all had a good laugh about that.
    • More and more operations use a bar list in addition to a wine list to let customers know what they have.