Traducción de wine tasting en Español:

wine tasting

cata de vinos, n.

Pronunciación /waɪn ˈteɪstɪŋ/


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    (act, skill)
    cata de vinos femenino
    catadura de vinos femenino
    • This observation was born of an Obscure Red Grape Varieties wine tasting for World Wine Blogging Wednesday, this month being hosted by Spittoon.
    • Other activities include cookery and wine tasting classes.
    • Afterwards, doing a little wine tasting at Rombauer Vineyards, we learned that Mr. Rombauer used to encourage his staff to go to the bottom of the hill and cheer the skaters on.
    • The evening included wine tasting and a talk about the correct selection of wines to complement food.
    • The tourism agency plans to offer ‘corporate team-building activities’ such as tobogganing, museum visits, and wine tasting in the royal cellars.
    • The 2002 Festival attracts a record 150,000-plus visits to the Festival Food Theatre, markets, the sampling boulevard, wine tasting and other activities.
    • And if that doesn't leave you with a full place on Sunday morning you can partake in workshops and wine tasting, hosted by winemakers from Beaujolais and Bordeaux, followed by a private food market.
    • Included in the single night entry ticket price is a tasting glass and three hours of wine tasting.
    • Along with providing tours, wine tasting and cellar door sales, many of the wineries have gourmet restaurants attached and some even offer accommodation.
    • However, for Pascal, wine tasting is more than simply enjoying the odd bottle of Chardonnay.
    • I said the same last year after 2002's annual California wine tasting, when I complained about the unpleasant offerings from Gallo, Paul Masson and such lowly imitators as Blossom Hill.
    • In fact, the struggle to develop a lucid and coherent vocabulary for wine tasting has been going on for centuries.
    • I admit this was a little bit confusing to me, I am not sure I was quite ready for advanced wine tasting, but I am not one to run away from a challenge so I decided to have a stab at it.
    • Fortunately, I had prepared myself for just such an occasion, years ago, by attending an adult education class on fine wine tasting.
    • There is an art to wine tasting, the correct swill and savoring, and I took my time doing it.
    • Recent openings have also seen the company venture into restaurants, food and wine tasting and even yoga classes.
    • Her holiday started with a bout of wine tasting, but the trip was probably more about testing her own bottle.
    • This resulted in a speedy tour of the winery and a somewhat speedy course in wine tasting.
    • Although I have written about wine and food for many years, I am still not at ease at formal wine tasting functions.
    • The selection of 25 wines by the glass is also an easy way to elicit more adventurous wine tasting, he adds.
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    degustación de vinos femenino
    • The other day I went to a wine tasting, for Penfolds, the famous Australian vintners.
    • They all loved shopska salad and white wine after a wine tasting they attended, and some said they would try to replicate some of the food after buying cookery books about Bulgarian dishes.
    • At the door was a messenger with a beautiful engraved invitation to a wine tasting hosted by God himself.
    • There will also be debates, farmers' markets, demonstrations, wine tastings and book signings.
    • On 30 September, the Californian winery Kendall-Jackson conducts a wine tasting for Benjamin West Patrons after a private view of Pre-Raphaelite and Other Masters.
    • Suzuki lost a $90 million verdict after the trial judge barred evidence that the driver in the crash had attended a wine tasting just before the accident.
    • It wasn't odd for her father to bring friends of his along to parties, once he brought someone from the grocery store to a wine tasting but this was different.
    • To avoid watching television, I have recently attended a wine tasting in Arcadia, and I have played poker on the Queen Mary in Long beach.
    • As I had a couple of glasses of champagne yesterday, at a wine tasting in the evening, I won't be opening another bottle tonight; I'll leave that for later in the week, when it'll be my birthday.
    • Johnson met Elia many years ago at a wine tasting.
    • Sunday starts with an hour-long session about modern winemaking titled Clay, Wood, Air and Satellite at 9.30 am followed by a themed wine tasting later in the morning.
    • On Tuesday April 17th, Paul sent a fax to Larry which consisted of a copy of an invitation to a wine tasting at Queen's Park to be offered by the Wine Council on Monday, April 23rd in the afternoon.
    • Lisa Paul, marketing director of Chicago-based distributor Vin Divino, suggests that anyone new to hosting wine tastings speak first with their sales representative.
    • Earlier this evening I even crept away to a wine tasting where I got to taste a half glass of a 1990 French Cabernet that now apparently sells for £120 a bottle.
    • Thailand's latest addition to wine circles was launched last week at the Amari Hotel with a wine tasting and cocktail party.
    • The area features golf courses and tennis courts for sports enthusiasts, as well as an annual wine tasting and many fine restaurants for people who just want to relax.
    • There are private function rooms available with private bar, and bespoke parties, wine tastings, quiz nights, game evenings and wedding receptions can be catered for, and the firm has other branches around London.
    • The evening before my departure, I had logged on to the Aspen Food and Wine Festival website, and the number of seminars and wine tastings made my head spin.
    • Most wineries offer wine tastings and samples to visitors.
    • Stop off at the Firestone Vineyards for a picnic lunch and then head off to the Andrew Murray Vineyard for a wine tasting.