Traducción de wiring en Español:


cableado, n.

Pronunciación /ˈwʌɪərɪŋ//ˈwaɪ(ə)rɪŋ/



  • 1

    (of house)
    cableado masculino
    instalación eléctrica femenino
    have you checked the wiring in the plug? ¿has mirado si los cables están bien conectados en el enchufe?
    • The Milton Rooms' licence, which is needed before plays, shows and discos can go ahead, has been declined because the electrical wiring in the building is considered unsafe.
    • EMF exposures exist in the home and workplace as a result of electrical equipment and building wiring, and not only as a result of nearby power lines.
    • Hardcopy blueprints of the internal wiring system were laid out in front of him.
    • And with the need to tie into existing building wiring, the system will have to be located close to the electrical feed into the building.
    • Make sure electrical wiring and heating systems meet safety codes, and follow the manufacturer's instructions for heater placement and setup.
    • Even electrical and computer wiring can be changed in a few minutes as opposed to hours.
    • The panel sported a dizzying array of fine circuitry, fiber-optic wiring, some control processor chips and some digital readout panels.
    • A fire sparked by faulty electrical wiring outside the Star Court Arcade left around 30 Lismore businesses without power for up to three hours on Tuesday morning.
    • Magnetic fields in homes arise mainly from low voltage distribution wiring, house wiring, and domestic appliances.
    • There is an oil-fired central heating system and some useable wiring in place, but a thorough overhaul of all services is necessary.
    • They also patched-up the plumbing, replaced windows and carried out some much-needed work on the building's electrical wiring.
    • Electrical wiring and telephone lines can transmit such signals by conduction; walls can vibrate subtly, as can pipes, beams, ducts, and the like.
    • You will need some understanding of circuitry and wiring for this project.
    • In Europe tightest regs appear to be in Greece, which officially requires wiring plans of all wiring in buildings to be submitted to central building control for approval.
    • All safety warnings on electrical wiring were highlighted and stressed.
    • Wiring may look okay to the untrained eye, but electrical wiring that is arcing is dangerous and can start fires.
    • GPS receivers don't yet work well indoors where electrical wiring and other noise can interfere with their faint signals.
    • Along the bottom was a giant blade and in the cracks some pneumatic systems and wiring could be seen.
    • This will reduce rusting and make it less attractive to mice and other pests which can damage electrical wiring.
    • The fuse structure may further include additional wiring over the electrical insulating layer at the same level as the fuse.