Traducción de wisdom en Español:


sabiduría, n.

Pronunciación /ˈwɪzdəm//ˈwɪzdəm/


  • 1

    (of person)
    sabiduría femenino
    a person of great wisdom una persona de gran sabiduría
    • the boy shows great wisdom for his age el chico es muy maduro para su edad
    • in his wisdom, he refused to sign muy prudentemente / sabiamente se negó a firmar
    • the government, in their wisdom, had ignored these reports el gobierno, en su infinita sabiduría, había hecho caso omiso de estos informes
    • folk wisdom sabiduría popular
    • For all her power, he felt she lacked wisdom and judgement, and it was past time she learned her place.
    • I feel like I'm at the stage of converting bitter experience into wisdom.
    • And if you have any words of wisdom, or advice about how to make the coming ordeal any less painful, feel free to let me know.
    • It was the voice of a male, speaking with wisdom behind the simple words.
    • She still has powerful words of wisdom about the need to find peaceful means to resolve conflict.
    • He thought you might have some pertinent words of wisdom that you could impart upon me to help me deal with my troubles.
    • And a stoic is a person who combines the qualities of wisdom, upright dealing, and courage.
    • Ideally, scholars grow in understanding and wisdom by gaining and sharing knowledge.
    • As if our cheap words and wisdom could somehow rectify the suffering of this world!
    • Just as he was about to deliver his words of wisdom, a team-mate chucked a bucket of water over his head.
    • I tried to listen to his short but heartfelt words of wisdom, but nothing came from it.
    • That way, new readers can enjoy some older posts, and older readers can get reacquainted with my words of wisdom.
    • They must have a long line for my workshop waiting to hear me impart words of wisdom.
    • Then we grow elderly, and we have the greater experience and wisdom of a lifetime with which to understand.
    • So, do you have any word of wisdom, especially to any of the new first years out there?
    • She was pretty sure that she was the one who gave him the words of wisdom that kept him going.
    • I waited eagerly for words of wisdom from a man at the very pinnacle of his career, I thought he'd be sure to know what to put right.
    • He is also an accomplished composer and well-used to dispensing words of wisdom.
    • His knowledge, his passion and his wisdom from years of experience were invaluable to our program.
    • The authors of these guides have years of inside knowledge, wisdom and practical experience to pass on to you.
  • 2

    (of action, decision)
    I'd question the wisdom of that decision no me parecería una decisión acertada / prudente
    • they doubt the wisdom of changing the law dudan que sea acertado reformar la ley