Traducción de wisp en Español:


brizna, n.

Pronunciación /wɪsp//wɪsp/


  • 1

    (of hay, straw) brizna femenino
    (of smoke) voluta femenino
    (of hair) mechón masculino
    a wisp of a girl una niña menudita
    • His are fantasies with hanging beads and wisps of feathers and leather straps as thin as ribbon.
    • They only let out a faint wisp of their emotion.
    • He wore a thin metal belt on his head that allowed wisps of his blond hair to part in the middle.
    • A small fire crackled in the fireplace, thin wisps of smoke curling up the sturdy brick chimney.
    • I looked out the open door and saw the thin wisps of gas just floating around in mid-air.
    • As the aircraft continues to teeter absurdly on the edge of the sky, little pain-flavoured wisps of memories will start to taunt him.
    • For the main course, having opted not to have a starter, Paula chose the Chinese-style beef fillet which arrived garnished with wisps of potato and noodles.
    • Dreams came to me, like wisps of fog in the night sky.
    • Above the red tile roofs, wisps of smoke drifted from the chimneys.
    • We woke to a calm and crisp morning with a light frost on our sleeping bags, below a beautiful blue sky with wisps of cloud streaking above the lake, which lay as a blue sea below us.
    • She noticed long ears protruding from the thin wisps of hair.
    • Her hair was up in a French twist with a few wisps of hair framing her face.
    • I could tell because there were a couple of wisps of purplish smoke wafting around the light fixtures a minute after I said it.
    • Outside it is cold, and thin wisps of fog are unwinding along the damp length of Baker Street.
    • Her red hair was pulled backward into a bun, and two thin wisps of hair dangled near her eyes.
    • The mistakes I made could have happened with any recipe, so these wisps of wisdom should come in handy even when not cooking meatloaf.
    • She suggests the goggles' straps with abbreviated wisps of graphite that twist and whip about the page.
    • They consist of complex cross-bedded sands commonly enclosing thin wisps of muddy sediment.
    • Other pieces offer the barest wisps of melody, relying on the group's ability to generate structure spontaneously.
    • She nearly leaps with joy feeling a faint wisp of his breath upon her sensitive skin.