Traducción de witch en Español:


bruja, n.

Pronunciación /wɪtʃ//wɪtʃ/


  • 1

    bruja femenino
    witches' sabbath aquelarre masculino
  • 2

    (unpleasant woman)
    bruja femenino
    arpía femenino
    • Casey Craig had been the beautiful Barbie doll that made every other girl look like hideous witches.
    • People always think old women without children are witches.
    • Maybe he wouldn't take it too well that I'd called his girlfriend a gnarled witch.
    • But it didn't turn out to be the ugly old blond headed witch I had been expecting.
    • ‘Looks like we got an ugly witch here all alone,’ said the guy in front of her.
    • Don't ever get a dog because some rotten neighbor will just come and take it away and then you'll have to go battle some witches to get him back.
    • Apparently, she was an ugly, old witch, but I doubted it.
    • Anyway, you shouldn't be listening to what Molly says in the first place, that old ugly witch.