Traducción de wodge en Español:


Pronunciación /wɒdʒ/



  • 1

    a wodge of cake un cacho de pastel coloquial
    • a wodge of notes un fajo de billetes
    • a great wodge of papers una pila enorme de papeles
    • And being a computer-head, Norman has very thoughtfully stuck huge wodges of his library up on the web for all to see.
    • You can pick up wodges of stuff for next-to-nothing.
    • No detail is spared and the squeamish can count on skipping huge wodges of forensic jargon, which is no bad thing.
    • No wonder her work is cutting through the stale, stodgy world of Scottish desserts like a red hot knife through a wodge of sticky toffee pudding.
    • Just looking at that yard or more of succulent flesh is enough to get my juices going, and biting into a roll crammed with shredded pork, sage stuffing and a great wodge of crackling is, I've decided, one of the great joys in life.
    • McLeish is one of those people that, unless he's got a large wodge in his pocket, he won't leave the house.
    • When I took out a wodge of building society cash the other day to stash in that account I hadn't used, I kept one of the £50 notes to have and to hold, because it's been years since I've handled one.
    • Behind the glitzy wodge of luxury apartments and refurbished houses, 35% of the site has been given to social housing: cheap flats for renting or joint ownership, sitting cheek by jowl with ritzier neighbours.
    • I was positioned on a polling station with a wodge of leaflets to hand out.
    • Alright, there are great wodges of London without the benefit of decent overground rail services to use as alternatives.
    • This morning he received a wodge of papers he had been requesting for some time. He gave me instructions to provide a briefing note.
    • That is why I am very pleased that the government's response supports our argument that, while there are many people prepared to have a go, there are, in reality, no great wodges of cash to reward trivial claims.
    • For the first time, the Super Furry Animals had access to a huge wodge of major - label money.
    • Another of my winning bids on eBay was for a whole wodge of nearly 100 postcards featuring deer and antelope.
    • Just this year came the news that a big wodge of Tolkien manuscript had turned up in a carton in the Bodleian Library.
    • The price includes tasting lots of things, a glass of wine and a wodge of recipes to take away.
    • All too often we serve up great wodges of congealed gloop, which even the feeble apology ‘But it's meant to be sticky rice’ fails to excuse.
    • The gym thing then gets wrapped up in a big, pulsating ball of guilt and shame, and I end up hiding my membership card behind a wodge of Tesco receipts.
    • I now work three days of the week from home, but I still bring in the biggest wodge of sales for the company.
    • There can surely be no better way to eat caramel than freshly cut from one of the great wodges sitting on these tables.