Traducción de wolf en Español:


lobo, n.

Pronunciación /wʊlf//wʊlf/

nombrePlural wolves

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    lobo masculino
    • Everything from saber-toothed carnivores and wolves to flying squirrels and anteaters were produced independently.
    • Their proposal would allow wolves that attack hunting dogs or livestock outside of fenced areas to be shot.
    • The wolves that remained wild find themselves all but exterminated in the lower forty-eight states.
    • Dogs can be vaccinated against the virus, but it is not feasible to trap and vaccinate all the wild wolves in Yellowstone, park officials say.
    • In medieval times the area was a hunting forest, roamed by deer, wild bear and wolves.
    • At each site of historical interest he will guide visitors through local folklore and legend, recreating the era thousands of years ago when wild boar and wolves roamed the moors.
    • No, it was not a dog's head but probably of one of the wild canines; a wolf or perhaps a jackal.
    • We saw predatory birds hunting, which is not uncommon as Transylvania also hosts wild boars and wolves.
    • Returning west, we take the road through middle Skane, where dense pine forests hide wild boar and even wolves.
    • Researchers say that wolves in the coastal region are much more genetically variable than wolves elsewhere in North America.
    • The extent of livestock loss to wolves is often overstated, wolves typically prefer their wild prey.
    • Wild dogs, especially the big wild dogs, are famously family oriented, and wolves are no exception.
    • Inukai suggested that the fate of the wolf and wild dog was tied to that of the deer.
    • Actually, upon closer examination it seemed to be a cross between a wild boar and a wolf.
    • With a blink, his eyes adjusted and decided it was either a wild dog or a wolf or a coyote.
    • It was described as a monster of terrible size but probable only a hungry wolf or wild boar which roamed the area striking terror into the hearts of all the people.
    • Did you know that the last British wolf was shot in Scotland in the Fifteenth Century and that the last wolf living wild in England was trapped and killed nearly a thousand years ago?
    • Among wild dogs and wolves, the cooperative hunting pack includes both males and females, and they provision both pups and a nursing mother.
    • The ability to place young pups as well as older wolves in the wild will inject the population with new genes and increase the numbers of wild wolves.
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    donjuán masculino
    tenorio masculino
    • Instead, rather intriguingly, it has become a grim battle of the superpowers, both engaged in a hard fight to keep the media wolves from their door.
    • Note that the wolf waits until he gets her into bed before pouncing.
    • Again Ridge instantly screamed out breathless tales of a terrorist wolf, while the media slobbered at the door.
    • Who do you feed to the media wolves?

verbo transitivo

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    don't wolf your dinner no engullas