Traducción de womanhood en Español:


condición de mujer, n.

Pronunciación /ˈwʊmənˌhʊd//ˈwʊmənhʊd/


  • 1

    (being a woman)
    condición de mujer femenino
    she's reached womanhood ya se ha hecho mujer
    • The film tells a personal story of emerging womanhood through Geneviève, when her lover is drafted to war-torn Algeria.
    • Yet while she recognizes the limiting conditions of constructed womanhood, Brittain refuses to accept them.
    • Seventeen and trembling on the brink of womanhood, she has already suffered the humiliation of being packed off as the poor relation with her rich cousins on holiday.
    • At 17, Cassandra is poised on the brink of womanhood.
    • We see Annie Allen grow from childhood to womanhood in an atmosphere conditioned by poverty, racial discrimination, parental expectations, and unhappiness.
    • Some of that love is transferred to Kavita Asrani who Vishnu has watched blossom from childhood to full blown womanhood.
    • Some say it is a ritual initiation into womanhood.
    • Rachel and Samson fight over their guests, leaving Samson to ponder the complexities of womanhood that he does not understand.
    • Kate Sheedy is a very pretty, intelligent and articulate girl teetering on the brink of womanhood.
    • It is one that has long existed not only as a cultural dimension for ethnic, national and religious communities but for other groups too; feminists find their identity in their womanhood and the Welsh in their language.
    • While the artist continues to look into the beauty of womanhood in all its femininity and grace through this technique, the watercolours reflect his old passion for architectural forms.
    • This fabric, which appears in most works, is apparently associated with an induction into womanhood amongst Xhosa people.
    • Sentimental literature was often written for and about the lives of girls on the brink of womanhood; young women such as Sarah Connell were among its prime consumers.
    • She had been true to her independent nature, fulfilling her womanhood in a manner that she found appropriate, although unable to assert herself finally.
    • The sources girls turn to most often, such as teen magazines, offer them a very limited view of what comprises femininity and womanhood.
    • I was uncovering a powerful voice of womanhood, embracing woman's strength, and heeding woman's necessary urging call.
    • What I am interested in is this: exactly how positive is Tarantino's portrayal of women in this movie, and does it reflect a standard of womanhood with which I identify?
    • She tells a story of childhood and young womanhood, simultaneously mulling over what's become of her by the 1990s.
    • I have always considered them a frivolity that does nothing to enhance the condition of womanhood.
    • Even in childhood and young womanhood, there is little of the contingent and insignificant detail which humanises the great.
  • 2literario

    mujeres femenino
    • By the time the duo meet years later, however, Kajol has mutated into the quintessential image of traditional womanhood, perpetually clothed in chiffon saris and polite diffidence.
    • When Ting returns to the fight club, he's obliged to defend the honour of Thai womanhood from a shaggy Australian behemoth.
    • I work for my ideal of German womanhood with whom, some day, I will live my life in the east and fight my battles as a German far from beautiful Germany.
    • They are relics from the past, certainly, but a past ideal of Indian womanhood that impinges all too easily on India's troubled present and has serious repercussions for India's future.
    • This time we play Cupid, and what we behold is a smoother landscape with fewer peaks and valleys, a thoroughly modern image of taut contemporary womanhood.
    • And did Berry baring her torso in Swordfish provide the wholesome image of black womanhood that the NAACP says it wants to promote?
    • These imagined and real mothers provide an important counter to the negative images of black womanhood circulated in other media.
    • Poverty pins them between traditional ideals of Italian womanhood and the claims of urban workplaces.
    • African women may feel multiple allegiances: community affiliations, ethnic identification, global womanhood, and racial solidarity.
    • Stoker wanted us to be revolted by the sexualizing of pure English womanhood, to see their corruption as striking at the foundation of English life and, by extension, civilized society.
    • My insights into French womanhood were greatly expanded when I met Mamie and Tantine, who are respectively Robert's mother and aunt.
    • It depicts the strength and courage of Indian womanhood.
    • Yet public opinion had been captured, and it was taken for granted that lynching was a just response to the barbarous sexual crimes against white womanhood.
    • And in any case, polyandry is certainly not the ideal for Indian womanhood.
    • The sit-in was therefore rife with just the sorts of contradictions which communists identified with proletarian womanhood, and women became obvious and crucial actors in its realization.
    • She personifies the ‘unstained patriotic American womanhood our boys are fighting for.’
    • The resolution of the Duchess's feud with the Binney family underscores the character's position as the apparent antithesis of true black womanhood.
    • These comments reveal the contested space within the very image of modern womanhood in the 1920s: was it ‘wild’ to dance, play bridge and go to the theater?
    • The virtue of white womanhood could not be assumed; it had to be enforced.
    • This characterisation is problematic, as here Mehta is reinforcing the stereotype of docile, demure, and pristine femininity as the ideal form of South Asian womanhood.