Traducción de womanly en Español:


femenino, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈwʊmənli//ˈwʊmənli/


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    • This is the starting point for a barrowload of stereotypes about feminine sensitivity and womanly feeling to be wheeled out into the courtroom, and indeed the media.
    • In reference to women, however, and particularly in this scene, the moon also symbolises womanly beauty and is associated with the female principle yin.
    • But, again, I'll leave the matter of Maryland's manly deeds and womanly words - fatti maschii, parole femine - to the mercy of others.
    • They don't have that inner womanly beauty that used to come from the softness and dignity that used to make woman so attractive.
    • Micheaux uses contemporaneous notions of gender as a way of naturalizing positive and negative character qualities as manly or unmanly, womanly or unwomanly.
    • Proving that being a feminist doesn't mean neglecting the womanly arts, the banner behind us was one I made earlier.
    • The kitten heel offers both feminine grace and womanly comfort, as do ballet flats.
    • He was less concerned with womanly beauty than with the moral beauty of womanhood in its embodiment as faithful lover, wife and mother.
    • But in context virile and manly are always distinguished from servile or slavish; Tocqueville does not explicitly or implicitly contrast them to feminine or womanly.
    • ‘The doctor asked me if I wanted a pill that would still let me have ‘periods’, and I said I would - somehow it kept me feeling womanly,’ she says.
    • It all made me start thinking about my days in Home Economics class with Mrs. B. To say that I was an unlikely candidate to excel in the womanly arts epitomizes the concept of understatement.
    • Everyone in her family smoked, and to young Marcheela it was elegant and womanly to sit, her legs crossed, with that thin white cylinder between her fingers, blowing rings of smoke.
    • Furthermore, the Scottish curlers had succeeded by deploying the ‘traditional womanly virtues of patience, lower lip-biting and sweeping’.
    • This game of guile has the womanly characteristic of dangerous beauty.
    • Nobody - I mean nobody - should play witness to my usually repressed womanly scream at that hour of the day, most especially half-awake commuters.
    • As women entered the retail workforce, authorities identified ideal characteristics of the new retail system as womanly.
    • The literal translation is Manly deeds, womanly words or Deeds are male, words are female.
    • Thus, they would criticise the Queen's feminine irresolution, female fickleness and womanly compassion towards papists and traitors.
    • As an example of womanly evil, she is criticised; the female sexuality that causes these perceptions remains the foundation for both her good and her evil.
    • While male kings did so by emulating such male gendered qualities as martial skills and leadership ability, female kings had to emulate womanly qualities.