Traducción de womenfolk en Español:


mujeres, n.

Pronunciación /ˈwɪmɪnfəʊk//ˈwɪmɪnˌfoʊk/

sustantivo plural

  • 1

    mujeres femenino
    • Some are saying that many of the more religiously inclined families won't want their womenfolk voting so it might be permissible for the head of the family to take the women's ID and her ballot and do the voting for her.
    • On summer evenings the womenfolk of my family would put on their chador and go out for a stroll in one of the Mughal gardens.
    • A new mural on the outside wall of the town hall depicts, in raw Forties naturalist style, a German soldier heroically protecting his womenfolk.
    • The father of the family happened to be here being thoroughly neighbourly & good, but out of earshot of his womenfolk, and thus we learned what was actually going on.
    • More than a century ago, to give his womenfolk an illusory monsoon during the hottest months, a maharana created the Maids of Honour garden.
    • The Huilloc men are only a little taller than their womenfolk, with broad chests, powerful shoulders and heavily muscled legs.
    • Born in Secrore, the European quarter of Benares, he grew up among the womenfolk in the family home in India, much loved and indulged, and contrary to the usual practice was not sent back to England for an education until he was twelve.
    • The nomads, he said, were intensely jealous of strange men catching sight of their womenfolk, so I should stay in the Landcruiser while he advanced half way across the scrub.
    • I had watched as all the womenfolk in my family had become peasants.
    • In the past, for the womenfolk in the family, festival day was the ‘day of toil’, cooking and serving.
    • The wiseguys, their cowering subordinates, their stoic womenfolk and the dead bodies around them are all chickens - and they are mostly all children.
    • The most revengeful way to humiliate a family against whom disputes are pending is to subject the womenfolk in that family to crimes that rob them of their honour and dignity and bring them disrepute.
    • The ambassador's glamorous ex-mistress Gloria Swanson did not crash the party, as the womenfolk of both families had feared.
    • But the absence of the traditional enemy didn't spoil the fun for assortment of enthusiasts including gunslingers, gamblers, and their womenfolk.
    • So we are doomed, by our very vitality, to earlier deaths than our womenfolk.
    • Four years younger than Prince George, Marina was everything Britain's royal womenfolk at that time were not.
    • Once derisively referred to as the chanars (toddy tappers), the womenfolk of the community were never allowed to cover the upper portion of their bodies.
    • These colours were also used in a warp-weighted loom for making large areas of cloth, and would have been operated by the womenfolk of every household.
    • I can hear them whispering in the kitchen, the womenfolk in my family.
    • In fact, as I await my Sunday lunch (chop, chop, look sharp - I'm watching footer on the telly at two), that's all I seem to have - womenfolk.
    • My womenfolk packed kosher-beef sandwiches for me.
    • The womenfolk of the Longbridge workers - the phrase is not inaccurate - are preparing to bring a mass demonstration to London.
    • There are everyday photos in the style of Frank Meadows Sutcliffe of fishermen and their womenfolk, and examples of the smocks and oilskins worn by them.
    • Alex and Rhena were all revved up with horsey mania, so around the city we clippety went, with our womenfolk waving to the passing trams.