Traducción de wonderland en Español:


país de las maravillas, n.

Pronunciación /ˈwəndərˌlænd//ˈwʌndəland/


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    país de las maravillas masculino
    Alice in Wonderland Alicia en el país de las maravillas
    • the museum is a wonderland for vintage car enthusiasts el museo es un paraíso para los apasionados de los coches antiguos
    • These two world heritage sites are visual wonderlands for the traveler looking for something more sensitive and aesthetically rewarding than the shopping malls of Hong Kong and Singapore.
    • The park is a marine wonderland with many superb diving sites and wonderful snorkeling.
    • Overlooking Traverse Bay from the western shore of Old Mission Peninsula, the eight-acre site is a wooded wonderland.
    • Three dancers representing twilight, darkness and full - moon create a wonderland of charm.
    • It was late evening when we left Wonderland for a third wonderland: the Gold Souk.
    • Following launch, early on we would receive interesting e-mails via the Web site about spectacular projects in Hawaii or Florida or other waterfront wonderlands.
    • She has several vintage mirrored tables in her home, adorned with cut-glass vases full of blossoms, which create ‘a wonderland of colour, glass and light’.
    • During the 1950s a new generation of land speculators sought to create a recreational wonderland at Salton Sea for wandering Los Angelenos and Vegas Rat Packers.
    • Here it was a complete wonderland full of white ice that covered the earth as far as the Eastern Mountains.
    • Before long, they were strolling beneath silver moonlight in one of the most spectacular horticultural wonderlands in all Viridia.
    • Like Alice through the looking glass, the Russians have entered a French version of wonderland, full of bounty.
    • Technology had made some places rich powerful wonderlands full of wealth, while in other places the people had so little that they sometimes starved to death.