Traducción de woodsy en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈwʊdzi//ˈwʊdzi/

adjetivowoodsier, woodsiest


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    this wonderful woodsy smell este maravilloso olor a bosque
    • Tender veal held up to its thick blankets of crispy prosciutto, spinach, woodsy mushrooms and mozzarella in tantalizingly sweet Marsala sauce.
    • The biggest distinction between ‘sporty’ and ‘natural’ is that sporty scents are usually bright and citrusy, while natural ones tend to be woodsy and earthy.
    • The majestic Rocky Mountains and ready availability of woodsy cabins make Colorado a great getaway; it is truly famous for its winter sports.
    • As a nature lover, you'll totally dig a woodsy or musky fragrance.
    • You might like the peace and serenity of a woodsy setting perhaps near the ski slopes or across from a gentle mountain stream.
    • Its woodsy 37 miles runs through southwestern Connecticut, and, during off-peak hours, is a lovely alternative to the truck fumes of I - 95.
    • I remember - among many such memories - being led to a secret patch of chantarelles, a woodsy, nutty mushroom that preserves well, in a stand of primal spruce.
    • It's a woodsy repast - birds singing in the trees, the breeze blowing, some water running in a brook, or maybe a light rainfall.
    • Early this morning I found a log hidden in the woodsy section of the botanic gardens.
    • A staff of about 25 operates out of a squat 54-year-old building made of horizontal stone, which sits at the top of a woodsy hillside on the pastoral campus of St. Olaf College.
    • Unlike our darkly beloved East Coast caverns of fluorescent Formica, this rustic restaurant/bar/music venue looks warmly lit and woodsy.
    • The mushroom is best: woodsy, browned and juicy.
    • There are cabins, so beautiful, so big and well designed that they are really no longer cabins, but rather, woodsy mansions around the lake.
    • Most of the Teach-In was held in a quiet secular chapel used for alumni weddings at the woodsy edge of campus, which most students only pass if they're running on the cross-country team.
    • Four years ago, when I first stepped foot on the woodsy acres of Phantom Lake YMCA camp, I had no idea that it would soon become what I consider to be my home.
    • So of course I set my story in a rural woodsy town.
    • The forest was damp and smelled the way Henry figured a deer would smell, all woodsy and the like.
    • I saw myself loping through the woods with a shotgun and a sketchpad, ‘collecting’ specimens as I filled my expanding lungs with clean, woodsy air.
    • But over the century sweet, floral smells came to be gendered as female; woodsy, outdoor scents such as pine and cedar as male.
    • ‘I like woodsy areas,’ she says - a fondness she attributes to her rural upbringing.