Traducción de word-perfect en Español:


Pronunciación /ˌwərdˈpərfəkt///


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    he studied the part until he was word-perfect se estudió el papel hasta que se lo supo perfectamente / al dedillo
    • A letter-perfect example of the three-dimensional ‘policy generator’ at work can be cited from a recent field study in Nepal.
    • He sang his song, accurately, word-perfect, that's all.
    • This had the side effect of allowing him to print off word-perfect lecture notes - a great boon to those of us who got completely lost five minutes in to the hour.
    • I'm glad to say that I was word-perfect and that I enjoyed it.
    • Certain whole chapters and innumerable shorter passages have simply lodged themselves word-perfect in my brain.
    • We feel the law is inherently abusive of Constitutional limits on power, even if its limitations (whatever those are decided to be in the courts) are adhered to letter-perfect.
    • As an added bonus, their contributions need to be letter-perfect in terms of spelling, punctuation, and legibility.
    • All right, Ann, this convention to be letter-perfect time wise.
    • So, perhaps it would be wise not to acquire any new stuff until I was word-perfect on all the old stuff.
    • Three minutes later, the unemployed man leaves with a word-perfect letter of complaint.
    • The interior of Haneda was an almost letter-perfect copy of the cabin section of a YS - 11.
    • Rather legendarily, our leading man arrived for the final night's call 40 minutes late and still inebriated, but was word-perfect throughout the production.
    • He spoke in word-perfect English for 15 minutes.
    • His pitch is as word-perfect as it is practised.
    • We have to get the transmission of a complete sentence down, letter-perfect.
    • We will be following it to find out if you are indeed word-perfect, and we will report back to our committee.
    • He did not focus exclusively on letter-perfect performance but attempted to enable the child to explore the keyboard, even to compose.
    • He honed scripts until they were word-perfect and thwarted actors’ attempts to ad lib or modify the text.
    • Despite the difficulties of putting a performance together over the festive period, the cast was word-perfect on the first night, their comic timing spot-on and the production pacey.
    • Yet her word-perfect, positivity-enhanced sound bites couldn't conceal a fundamental aloofness.