Traducción de word game en Español:

word game

juego con palabras, n.


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    juego con palabras masculino
    • Among the several hundred finds so far are playing cards, fragments of toys, chess pieces, the base of a model figure, a wooden square from a Victorian Scrabble-type word game and a model fish carved from ivory.
    • Scrabble introduced two new concepts to board games: the word game and the tile placement game.
    • ‘Children sometimes played… I suppose it is a word game of a sort,’ she said slowly.
    • Lena and Eloise had been playing a word game to pass the time.
    • The scientist's perception of philosophy is that all too much of it is a variation on the above theme, that a philosophical analysis is a sterile word game played in a state of mental muddle.
    • ‘Can we play the word game,’ he asked sitting up and wiping at his eyes for several seconds.
    • In addition, doing word games like crossword puzzles and taking classes to learn new skills can help keep your mind sharp.
    • When he lost his job in 1931, and decided to have a go at inventing a word game, Butts hoped to create something that would be an entertaining way to extend your vocab and improve your spelling.
    • Rouse asked 82 students to complete a personality test and then spend two hours online playing a word game and chatting with the other players.
    • The latest Hoyle product is Hoyle Crosswords, your basic paper and pencil word game that you commonly find each and every day in your local newspaper.
    • And how about non-competitive word games and crossword puzzles?
    • That's not a plan or a solution; it's a word game.
    • I'm glad you liked the word game bit, I wasn't sure about it but you've quieted any worries I had.
    • Crosswords are perhaps the most obvious example of a solitary word game.
    • I've never understood this obnoxious word game.
    • Thinking quickly, the waiter says: ‘Let's play a word game.’
    • It's terribly addictive if you like words or word games, especially since - like Yahtzee - you can challenge yourself alone as well as play with others.
    • This place is not a destination in a romantic war novel; it is not a clever word game or an edgy call to arms.
    • Often, I like to compose a full, short program [a word game, perhaps, where you guess letters in so many tries] to get the hang of things.
    • She is constantly studying and she plays games - word games, parlour games and card games, to keep her mind sharp.