Traducción de workable en Español:


factible, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈwərkəb(ə)l//ˈwəːkəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    (plan/arrangement/solution) factible
    (plan/arrangement/solution) viable
    • At the outset, it seemed like a reasonable and workable arrangement.
    • I knew that I was going to have to come up with a plan that was reasonable and workable.
    • We have a shortage of anyone capable of realising modern workable and innovative policies which will benefit the local community.
    • This is not that kind of situation; we are involved with a workable, practical situation.
    • Only out of free and open debate can you achieve workable policies.
    • It matters not a jot whether what they propose is sensible or workable.
    • This seems to me an eminently practical and workable scheme of legislation.
    • This book is about achieving workable strategy in a complex world.
    • The government, he said, should break down the task into workable policies covering all related sectors.
    • More to the point, though, they've settled on a workable sound and they use it quite effectively.
    • The features are good, and the resulting weblogs perfectly workable: but something is lacking here.
    • The four ideals in fact cannot exist at the same time to form a reasonable and workable system.
    • Progress has been good, with a number of workable prototypes developed and good results in field tests.
    • We want a workable policy whether you keep a few sheep or a lot of sheep.
    • Based on the above hopeful interactions, I am convinced that joint custody is workable and feasible in this case.
    • It is a reasonable, clear and workable requirement that anybody in public life abides by certain codes.
    • Dembski sets out to fashion a workable notion of supernatural intervention.
    • The statement indicated the hospital was doing everything possible to find a workable solution.
    • This is very helpful, as creating workable policies generally requires a lot of time and effort.
    • Are you actually waiting to see what they're going to propose in detail, to see if it is possibly workable?
  • 2

    (mine/deposits) explotable
    • As the ground becomes warmer and more workable, plant out onion sets and shallots in the vegetable plot.
    • Extraction began in 1864 in California and Nevada, after commercially workable deposits were found in alkaline desert marshes.
    • The solvents act to decrease the viscosity of the bitumen making it more workable.
    • That way come the spring the soil will hopefully be much more workable than this year, when the bed vacated by the pigs was quite badly panned and took a lot of effort to open up.
  • 3

    (clay) moldeable