Traducción de workhorse en Español:


burro de carga, n.

Pronunciación /ˈwərkˌhɔrs//ˈwəːkhɔːs/


  • 1

    burro de carga masculino
    bestia de carga femenino
    • They tend to be more workhorses than show horses.
    • As machinery began to overtake the use of workhorses, the Black Forest horse became endangered.
    • Edmund kept two horses for himself, but the rest were workhorses for the land or pulling carriages.
    • We experimented with teams of Percheron and Belgian workhorses.
    • After 26 years of horse power, we sold our six workhorses (yes, we were guilty of ‘get bigger or get out’), completing our switch to using hand power.
    • They are workhorses and the one I chose is both affordable and powerful.