Traducción de working en Español:


que trabaja, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈwəːkɪŋ//ˈwərkɪŋ/


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      (parent/mother) que trabaja
      (dog/horse) de labor
      (dog/horse) de trabajo
      working population población activa femenino
      • of working age en edad de trabajar
      • it's still a working farm sigue funcionando como granja
      • They thus contributed to the further political disorientation of the working population.
      • During the time that the baits were out, our three yard and working dogs were on the chain.
      • The failure of schools to offer working mothers more flexibility, she believes, remains the major stumbling block.
      • Some working dogs go to the armed forces or the police, as German Shepherds are one of the largest groups in the home.
      • In summary, it appears that stomach ulcers are a common finding in foals and working horses.
      • It was also a chance for city dwellers to take a closer look at ferrets, birds of prey and working dogs.
      • A horse could live on hay and grass alone, but eating time and bulk both had to be reduced for a working horse.
      • There is a myth that the animals get fat and lazy and that working dogs no longer work but none of that is the case.
      • So therefore there is no reason they cant be pets rather than working dogs.
      • The dog, described as a white collie, is a working dog and has never been missing for this long without returning.
      • Scotland is facing a serious future skills gap with an ageing and shrinking working population, according to a new study.
      • Ms Lloyd said cacti could injure livestock and working dogs and contaminate wool.
      • Many graziers in the Far West of New South Wales rely on working dogs to help round up goats.
      • This affects, directly or indirectly, more than half the working population of this country.
      • Personal pensions were set up because the working population has become more mobile.
      • As a working dog, this breed is always happiest when it is given a job to do.
      • Perhaps one-third of the land under crop was taken up by oats grown to feed a farm's own working horses.
      • Despite this, many working mothers encounter few problems and have supportive employers.
      • Her stories are told without censure, and with sympathy for both children and parents, especially working mothers.
      • There is work around livestock that simply can't be done without a real working dog.
      • A large section of the working population already have ID as a condition of their employment.
      • He was also a renowned and skilful dog trainer and was never without a good working dog.
      • Most of the working women are employed as seamstresses in the dressmaking industry.
      • Only another working mother can fully realize what my life has become.
      • A third of the working population in the Western Isles were employed by the local authority.
      • In future docking will only be allowed for working dogs whose tails could otherwise become painfully damaged.
      • Again looking back in history, the Celts were good farmers and set great store by their working dogs.
      • It is nearer one tenth of the population or one fifth of the working population.
      • The 1980s and 1990s were decades of progress for western career women and working mothers.
      • That includes trying to increase the working population in Scotland.
      • He said the dogs were treated as working dogs rather than as pets but were still loved by their handlers.
      • The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association says it is cruel to keep the working dog locked up for eight hours each day.
      • So why do we not demand more of these productivity gains back in practical support for working mothers and fathers?
      • It is not uncommon for nursing working mothers to make a lunchtime dash for a car, plug into the cigarette lighter and pump away in the parking lot.
      • Over half the women who are employed in most urban areas are working mothers.
      • Where is this compassionate Government that cares for the working person and the employee?
      • Hunt supporters from the region will be taking dozens of working dogs to protest against the ban outside Parliament.
      • They are bred for hunting and are designed to be working dogs.
      • Moreover these old industries now employ only a tiny fraction of the working population.
      • When are we going to get something done about this pampered section of the working population?

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      (conditions/hours) de trabajo
      working breakfast desayuno de trabajo masculino
      • plural working clothes ropa de trabajo
      • all my working life toda mi vida activa / laboral
      • the new technology will affect all areas of working life la nueva tecnología va a afectar todas las áreas laborales
      • we have a good working relationship trabajamos muy bien juntos
      • working vacation / (British) holiday vacaciones en las que se realiza algún trabajo
      • Therefore we shall be in a position to offer attractive wages and suitable working conditions.
      • In May, workers walked off the job to protest unsafe working conditions.
      • These passes provide pensioners, many of whom have worked hard all their working lives and paid taxes, with free travel.
      • It has produced unfriendly working conditions for people with families.
      • Employees are often forced to work a seven-day week and complain of low wages and poor working conditions.
      • The Smiths have cook-ins during the weekends to make meals for the working week using fresh produce.
      • If hired as a runner, always, always get a signed contract with your working terms and conditions.
      • Flexible working rules allow an employee to look after a child up to the age of six.
      • Does an employee have a duty not to bad-mouth their employer out of working hours?
      • I'm also prepared to stand up and be counted though, if I feel strongly about issues that affect my working conditions.
      • To reserve a place on the small business wirefree working seminar call 0208 232 7229.
      • Another 200,000 died from hunger, disease, and inhumane working conditions.
      • The Victorian Building Workers campaign for a shorter working week was also discussed at length.
      • Full employment through shorter working hours at worker co-ops was the ideal.
      • Other outstanding issues include working conditions and workplace safety.
      • Although unemployment is still rising, this is only because job creation is not keeping pace with the population of working age.
      • Now if you want to be totally stupid about it that could work out at almost a year in the working life of an employee.
      • Mick woke up, got washed and shaved and put his working clothes on thinking it was 7.30 am Monday morning.
      • He was a well-known advocate for better working conditions and higher pay for Cambodian workers.
      • Notwithstanding the difficult working conditions, a major inroad was made.

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      (hypothesis) de trabajo
      I have a working knowledge of Russian tengo conocimientos básicos de ruso
      • to have a working majority tener una mayoría suficiente
      • The working title for the conversion is the Skerryvore Project.
      • Power and Stone - the working title of the book - will be published next May.
      • He still must gain a working knowledge of a sophisticated offense before he becomes a threat.
      • I'm definitely going to have to take some time to formulate a working theory in my own mind.
      • After helping him on a few houses, I gained a working knowledge of the proper use of fittings.
      • A working knowledge of basic mathematical concepts is essential in modern life.
      • To endow it with some interest, we need to break it down into a set of working theories which we then apply to different domains of fact.
      • Is there a working definition that people have agreed on in order to facilitate discussion?
      • Postgraduate study and a working knowledge of the latest industry advances are key.
      • Can we establish a working theory to explain these exceptions, and what consequences might this have?
      • And as a way of indicating the process by which she acquired a working knowledge of the city around her, it rings untrue.
      • It was sheer luck that, by the time he was an adult, he had a working knowledge of some of the finest food in the world.
      • Although anyone with a working knowledge of PCs can set up their own back up system relatively simply, not everyone knows how.
      • But a working knowledge of English is not necessary for daily life in Greenland.
      • But here, as with other mental states, we need a working definition to clarify what we are looking for.
      • He had a working knowledge of five languages and was fluent in four.
      • But not all of you will require a working knowledge of English grammar to get by in life.
      • All you need to bring with you is a working knowledge of the language in which you intend to write, a pad and a pencil.
      • In conducting the search, we had to develop a working definition of each term.
      • Computer skills are essential, as is a working knowledge of control systems.
      • On the basis of the results a working hypothesis has been developed which is summarized in Fig.7.
      • This, of course, is all debatable as well, but it at least seems like a working hypothesis.
      • So we must accept a working definition at some point, and go with it, flaws and all.
      • No one knows for sure, but there is a working theory currently making the rounds.
      • They cover terms that provide the beginnings of a viable working vocabulary for describing meter.
      • Then, each interviewee was asked how the working definition compares with his or her own.
      • I'm going to use that as my working definition of gumption from now on.
      • The maths game, which has the working title Pirate's Star, is being devised by software developers at Abertay.
      • Take the case of accepting something as a working hypothesis or for the sake of argument.
      • Read on to gain a working knowledge of the tremendous range of mowers available today.
      • He has a working knowledge of French, but for some reason does not get on well with the French boys.
      • Women in rural areas must be able to have a basic working knowledge of what is in the Domestic Violence Act.
      • I wrote an original screenplay for a film which has the working title Personal Honour.
      • And of course a working knowledge of the properties of metals could easily lend itself to deception and fraud.
      • The working definition of insomnia is a persistent difficulty in initiating and maintaining sleep.
      • It has a working title and even that's more than I've managed to create in ages.
      • Now that we have a working definition of money, we can now move on to defining what the supply of it is in a given economy.

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      working assets / capital activo circulante / de trabajo masculino