Traducción de workings en Español:


mina, n.

Pronunciación /ˈwəːkɪŋz/

sustantivo plural

  • 1

    mina femenino
    • This vein trends to the northeast, and it is likely that it intersects the Greenbank vein somewhere to the north of the current mine workings.
    • In some instances, subsurface information from drill holes, mine workings, and geophysical surveys provide supporting factual information.
    • It was centered on the Black Iron mine workings.
    • On the other hand, wherever intelligence and tractability mattered, as in mine workings and coal pits, and in pulling harvesters and ploughs, horses were the favoured form of power.
    • The building is surrounded on three sides by the pink-brown textured walls of old quarry workings, so that the archives are held in a granite embrace.
    • It can play a part in locating old mines by detecting voids and fractures and profiling old workings within the seam.
    • With the dumps gone, datolite collecting switched to the accessible underground workings of the Michigan mine.
    • Explore the Lowther Hills or wander along lower-level paths, past the old lead mine workings.
    • Caves, tunnels and mine workings may be used to provide cover for communications centers and stations.
    • The room and pillar mine workings are stable with no signs of salt movement or rock distress.
    • The ancient mine workings are mostly open-cut trenches of up to a few metres in depth.
    • But the same would be likely to apply to inert waste deposited at the County's exhausted minerals workings or landfill sites.
    • He employed thirty to forty men in the mid-1930s and extracted ore from underground workings that were accessed by shafts and declines.
    • The surrounding area is mostly old mine workings and is close to the River Calder.
    • Beneath the site there were some disused mine shafts leading to old coal workings which, unknown to the defendants, were connected to the plaintiff's mine.
    • Just when he moved into the capacious double-cave system, among the old slate quarry workings of Castle Crag, is not certain.
    • The campsite at La Torerera, near the town of Huelva in the southwest corner of Andalucia, is on the site of old mineral workings, now partly a nature reserve.
    • He was an engineer by profession, and used to look after the engines and trucks which ran on the light railways out to the more distant parts of the opencast mine workings.
    • The expected solution is a permanent diversion around the problem, which is a legacy of old mine workings.
    • Unbeknownst to them, the dam was constructed over five disused mine shafts, which led into the underground workings of an old mine.
  • 2

    (of machine)
    funcionamiento masculino
    • They are alone with the rollercoaster of emotion even though they are still part of the workings of political machine.
    • The media has exposed deceit and fabrication behind the workings of the government machinery and the various commissions set up to look into acts of violence.
    • The structure of the political system and the workings of that system favour those who have economic influence.
    • However, with the increasingly detailed knowledge of the workings of the human machine, we began to slowly develop a pattern that might just explain why.
    • Access to the transparent buildings reproduced a feeling of knowledge, knowledge of the inner workings of both machines and humans.
    • Why should I have to understand the inner workings of this machine?
    • Ultimately, it precludes a collective understanding of the workings of an economic system which destroys people's lives.
    • First, the synthetic systems can serve as a basis to understand the workings of natural systems, which are usually much more complicated and difficult to unravel.
    • As a result, there is a general suspicion about the truth of statements emerging from the machine about the workings of government policy.
    • We need to be able to have confidence in the justice system and everyone needs to be able to have confidence in the workings of that justice system.
    • For those who disagree with a judge's opinion, there is ample opportunity to respond within the normal workings of the judicial system.
    • Hollywood suffers, as does parliamentary journalism, from a belief that people are far more interested in the inner workings and machinations of the business than they are.
    • The internal workings of the machines cannot be examined by citizens, political opponents or technology experts.
    • The public has had the pleasure of an unprecedented and still unfolding expose on the inner workings of a public service operating in a culture of fear.
    • My favorite quote from the book concerns the early workings of American-style democratic politics.
    • It is the heat given off by the workings of quite different machinery.
    • And being a politician helps me get good raw material about the inside workings of governments and organizations.
    • He gained a lot more insight into the workings of our legal system from his experience than I did from mine.
    • Another potential use for the system is in providing information about the workings of buildings or machinery not visible to the naked eye.
    • And they also had to study up on DNA science and the workings of the legal system.