Traducción de world en Español:


mundo, n.

Pronunciación /wərld//wəːld/


  • 1

    mundo masculino
    (economy/population/peace) (before noun) mundial
    (politics/trade) internacional
    the longest bridge in the world el puente más largo del mundo
    • the best/worst in the world el mejor/peor del mundo
    • the poorer countries of the world los países más pobres del mundo / de la tierra / del globo
    • on the other side of the world al otro lado del globo / de la tierra
    • he proved that the world was round demostró que la tierra era redonda
    • politicians from all over the world políticos de todo el mundo
    • they traveled all over the world viajaron por todo el mundo
    • there were celebrations all over the world or the world over hubo festejos en todo el mundo / en el mundo entero
    • one day you'll have to step out into the big, wide world algún día vas a tener que enfrentarte con la vida
    • the Einsteins of this world los Einsteins de este mundo
    • she lives in another world vive en otro mundo
    • it's a strange world! ¡qué mundo este!
    • world's (US) or (British) world champion javelin thrower campeona mundial or del mundo de jabalina
    • world's (US) or (British) world record time récord mundial
    • money makes the world go around poderoso caballero es don dinero
    • world market mercado mundial
    • world premiere estreno mundial
    • What is astonishing is how little our cartographic concept of the world has changed since then.
    • Today, I spent my whole day meeting with the representatives from all over the world.
    • He admits the prospect of seven days cycling over some of the world's most inhospitable terrain is a bit daunting.
    • Oliver is hoping to climb his way into the history books by planting a flag at the summit of the world's tallest mountain.
    • Using your bike for errands is a great way to do your little part to save the world.
    • Before they rush out to say that they want to save the world - how about themselves?
    • The Himalayas is the highest and one of the most beautiful mountain ranges of the world.
    • They've sold three million albums, toured all over the world and have been together for almost a decade.
    • The students come from all over the world, a wonderful combination of people.
    • Not all of these acts proved to be that useful later on, but it gave you the feeling you did your bit to save the world.
    • I thank them for going and sharing some time in that wonderful part of the world.
    • The sea connotes what the land is not, yet together they form the world's surfaces.
    • The couple travelled the world together three years ago and fell in love with Asia.
    • It is truly wonderful to have a whole lot of girl-friends living in various parts of the world.
    • Annually millions of Canadians travel to other nations all over the world for a whole variety of reasons.
    • There are many mountain ranges throughout the world, all of various ages and sizes.
    • Some may argue that we should look after our own before we go off trying to save the world.
    • Today we see a vast new working class brought together in great conurbations across the world.
    • However, only they can choose what to do and they have all chosen to try and save the world they live in.
    • Soils, such as podzols, which are zonal in some parts of the world might be intrazonal in other areas.
  • 2

    • 2.1(people generally)

      mundo masculino
      the whole world knows lo sabe todo el mundo / medio mundo
      • Sovereignty still remains a supremely important institution of world politics.
      • These children need to know that their stories are important to the world outside.
      • She stayed there for hours, crying for her brother, and hating the world for taking him away.
      • There are, of course, major differences between the European Union and the world as a whole.
      • I want to prove to myself and to the world that my life is whole again.
      • He never felt love and because of that, hated the world and the world hated him in return.
      • On a more serious note, it would appear that the world as a whole is sinking deeper into poverty.
      • Let her go abroad and tell the world how primitive is the structure of our society.
      • We truly are entering one of the most important times in world history.
      • Africa cannot jump into a world market economy as quickly as it wants.
      • Am I first a woman and then a member of my society, community, world, or vice versa?
      • The fall in European growth rates has implications for the world economy as a whole.
      • Yet the financial crisis has been so severe that its impact has disturbed the world economy as a whole.
      • They sometimes wonder why the rest of the world hates them so much.
      • To be a man you have to be a businessman who faces the world by himself and who has to fight the whole world by himself.
      • On the contrary, the world economy as a whole is marked by slow growth and outright stagnation.
      • It's a nice thought that there's someone who loves you, even when you think the whole world hates you.
      • The collapse of the world economy was felt hardest amongst the working classes of the North East.
      • For all their failings, journalists serve the societies they live in and the world at large.
      • He hung a map of the world on the wall in his little cottage, and he read as widely as he could about world affairs.

  • 3

    (specific period, group)
    mundo masculino
    the insect world el mundo de los insectos
    • the plant world el mundo de las plantas
    • the art/fashion world el mundo del arte/de la moda
    • the academic world el mundo / ambiente / medio académico
    • her world collapsed around her se derrumbó el mundo a su alrededor
    • As the title suggests, Ferguson believes that the British Empire shaped the modern world.
    • Eastern religions are popular across the entire Western world at this time, especially Buddhism, and especially in America.
    • Have you ever seen an Arab world as divided as it is right now?
    • Yet those of us lucky enough to live in the developed world do not need to cope with such problems.
    • They are now, rightly, seen as an essential element in a proper understanding of the medieval world-view, important to anyone with an interest in the art, literature, philosophy and social structure of that time.
    • The range of swear words in the modern English-speaking world is tiny, as you know.
    • The richest country in the industrialised world will continue to have some of the worst pockets of poverty.
    • Several countries in the developing world continue to invite him to help train their own surgeons.
    • Though we think of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World as a single list today, there were actually a number of lists compiled by different Greek writers.
    • By the western part of the Arabic world we mean the regions comprising mainly North Africa and Spain.
    • It's one of the most outrageous breaches of human rights in the history of the western world.
    • In many parts of the Western world the media still describe this as the only safe route to peace and stability.
    • Secondly, not all of the developed western world might be seen as civilised.
    • Croatia is actually located in Central Europe, but it has bridged the Eastern and Western worlds throughout its history.
    • In the ancient and classical worlds, capital tended to be drawn into cities from the surrounding regions, so that they could become wealthier even in the absence of economic growth.
    • I sometimes imagine that I see certain parallels between modern Aotearoa and the historical worlds of that other boot-shaped nation, Italy.
    • But in the developed, Western world, the feasting periods are no longer interspersed with famines.
    • Rather different number systems were used simultaneously in the Arabic world over a long period of time.
    • The issue has echoes of the Arab world's historical struggle to assert its own destiny.
  • 4

    his children mean the world to him para él sus hijos lo son todo
    • I'd give the world to know daría lo que fuera por saberlo
    • to have all the time in the world tener todo el tiempo del mundo
    • without a care in the world sin ninguna preocupación
    • I wouldn't miss it for anything in the world no me lo perdería por nada del mundo
    • nothing in the world will make me change my mind nada en el mundo me hará cambiar de opinión
    • who in the world is going to believe that? ¿quién diablos / demonios se va a creer eso?
    • I'm the world's worst cook soy el peor cocinero del mundo
  • 5

    this/the other world este/el otro mundo
    • the world to come el más allá
    • The militantly secular world is also keenly alert to the challenge of the Passion.
    • The concept of Hell as a literal place has declined in an increasingly secular world.
    • There is a primary difference between the material world and the spiritual dimension.
    • People who see the world in terms of evil and sin will tend to devalue the material world.
    • It seems to be a connector or a medium between the materialistic world and the spiritual world.