Traducción de world power en Español:

world power

potencia mundial, n.


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    potencia mundial femenino
    • One hundred years ago, Britain would have been a natural leader in such an enterprise, being a world power with a vast empire and a first-class navy.
    • These opposing tendencies must be resolved in some way if the country is to move toward the world power status that its people have always sought.
    • However, the primary aim of the EU has always been to promote peaceful cooperation between European nations, not to create a new world power.
    • India in particular is a world power in its own right, rivalling the EU in influence.
    • His late writings examined the emergence of Russia as a world power, opening an era of global imperialism and war.
    • It's also reasserting itself as a major world power in international sports such as cricket and rugby.
    • In 1868 Japan was a pre-industrial society; less than 40 years later it was a world power.
    • Spain became the greatest world power during Europe's Age of Discovery.
    • Spain became a world power and the centre of a vast empire.
    • Is it any surprise, then, that it became a significant world power?
    • In geographic extent, population size, and wealth, the region was an obvious candidate for world power and influence.
    • I seriously question whether the United States could have become a world power without a strong federal government.
    • The new Germany took another step towards developing its status as a world power.
    • The country is really a young country and they are not used to being a world power.
    • This nation, once a mighty world power, is being systematically stripped of all its wealth and influence, and no-one bats an eyelid.
    • The rise of the United States as a world power after 1945 was of paramount importance in international politics.
    • Emperor Meiji initiated instituted wide sweeping political, civil and social reforms which transformed Japan into a significant world power.
    • Well, we are a world power, by virtue of history, and by virtue of our military power.
    • The British Empire was the world power that mattered in most of Asia, in Africa, and on the high seas.
    • More to the point, France was no longer a world power, and its relationship with its colonies was particularly fraught.