Traducción de worst en Español:


peor, adj.

Pronunciación /wərst//wəːst/


  • 1

    he's the worst student in the class es el peor alumno de la clase
    • the worst results los peores resultados
    • he ran his worst ever race corrió peor que nunca
    • worst of all lo peor de todo
    • the worst thing about her is her selfishness lo peor que tiene es lo egoísta que es
    • his taste is the worst! ¡tiene un gusto pésimo!
    • how was your trip? — the worst! ¿qué tal el viaje? — ¡de lo peor!
    • the worst thing that can come of it is a slight delay lo peor que puede pasar es que haya un ligero retraso


  • 1

    she did (the) worst (of all) in both exams le fue peor que a nadie en los dos exámenes
    • the poor will suffer worst under this system los pobres van a ser quienes más sufran bajo este sistema


  • 1

    lo peor
    the worst was now over ya había pasado lo peor
    • to fear/imagine the worst temer/imaginarse lo peor
  • 2

    los peores
    the worst of them will have to be thrown out los peores tendrán que ser expulsados

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (opponent) vencer
    • Or, you should be prepared for an all-out war where you are sure to be worsted.
    • They were more apt to chronicle - for moralizing purposes - the failures, when the authorities were worsted by Vikings, flagrant challengers to the Christian order of things.
    • In order to stave off the opponent's attack at the last moment and restore one's position one must keep the moral attitude of initiative so as not to get worsted by the adversary.
    • The Eluru, Andhra Pradesh born techie also developed the electronics for Pacific Blue, the advanced version of IBM's Deep Blue computer that worsted Garry Kasparov in a chess series.
    • In retrospect, he joins the long list of those who verbally dueled with George and came out worsted.
    • But they were worsted in an action at Bhangam, about 10 km northeast of Paonta, on 18 September 1688.
    • It is in his court that Yajnavalkya worsted all others and had that famous dispute with Gargi.
    • Subsequently levered out of defensive positions on the Bidassoa, Nivelle, and Nive, his battered army was worsted again at Orthez in February 1814, and driven from Toulouse on 11 April.
    • Cleon is worsted not by an upright and dignified man but by an illiterate and brazen cynic who beats him at his own game.
    • Cheka and Red Army units sent to suppress the peasant rebels were sometimes worsted, sometimes victorious (sometimes it was pitchforks versus machine guns).
    • It is possible that one of the Irish kingdoms might ultimately have established a more permanent hegemony, but for the common pattern whereby a worsted claimant sought outside aid.
    • The rebels had been worsted by Jiang Zhongyuan's Hunan braves at Soyi Ford.
    • When interrogated before the royal council she turned evidence against her brother, and offered to fight him - by proxy - in judicial combat, adding that she would be gladly burned alive if her champion was worsted.
    • Kathopanishad tells the story of Nachiketas who boldly wrangled with Yama, the god of death, and worsted him.
    • In the civil war which ensued Boleslaw was worsted and compelled to take refuge in Hungary.