Traducción de worthless en Español:


sin ningún valor, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈwəːθlɪs//ˈwərθləs/


  • 1

    (object) sin ningún valor
    (person) despreciable
    to be worthless no valer nada
    • But talent is worthless if it is not combined with hard work, commitment and team spirit.
    • He knew that the days of being able to con thousands of people into paying for his worthless courses were over.
    • With both companies shedding hundreds of jobs, their shares looked increasingly worthless as the week came to a close.
    • How are we supposed to feel a sense of accomplishment and achievement when our superiors deem these successes worthless?
    • Shareholders in both firms have seen their investments become almost worthless.
    • She has a severe inferiority complex and believes herself to be completely worthless.
    • He looks down on himself as an old worthless man that's wasting away his last few years.
    • Damaged or damp-affected examples are worthless as they are unrestorable.
    • Many people have been told they are worthless or that it is impossible for them to change.
    • One exercise ably demonstrated that if we feel miserable and worthless then that's how we will be.
    • Finally, recruiters told him he was worthless and asked him make his own way home.
    • An example of emotional abuse is if your parents constantly say you are worthless and they wish you had never been born.
    • How can something so valuable to one group of people be so worthless to the next?
    • He continued to employ a certain worthless, incompetent clerk named Robert Crachitt.
    • Foreign companies don't like being paid in internationally worthless local money.
    • What should we do when people say their lives are meaningless and worthless and they want to die?
    • Next time you fill a bin with worthless glass bottles ask yourself who is benefiting from your efforts.
    • Change also means that what we do today may be worthless tomorrow, but we have to accept that because we are in fashion.
    • How could he put a value on something that he believed to be worthless?
    • Devan woke up later that night and rolled to her side, feeling completely and utterly worthless.
    • He knew what the Duke was thinking and it made him feel worthless.
    • And although many of us see the little copper coin as worthless and would like to see it go, charities disagree.
    • The farmers received about a quarter of what their animals had been worth, as the meat was worthless.
    • They all lack real hope in the future, see no point in looking for tomorrow, and believe that they are worthless.
    • People pretend she's not there, she doesn't exist - can you imagine how worthless that would make you feel?
    • I basically felt pretty worthless and there wasn't a lot left in me.
    • Without her I would not have developed as a person, would still be convinced that I am worthless.
    • The bags also contained cheques, which have now been cancelled and rendered worthless.
    • There would be no one that would ever beat him again, or tell him he was worthless.
    • A car seller was duped out of nearly £10,000 by a buyer with a worthless forged banker's draft.
    • If real, they are worth hundreds of thousands of pounds; if fake, they are worthless.
    • He was sad and tearful most of the time, wanting to resign his job as he felt he was worthless.
    • She felt she was worthless beyond words, unable to help her friends out of this.
    • His decline was rooted in fear, too, the fear that he was somehow worthless once the title had gone.
    • But they later learned the shares could not be sold for a year, by which time they were worthless.
    • But all that effort was rendered worthless by a council official's mistake.
    • As borrowers defaulted, the banks found themselves with a lot of worthless loan portfolios.
    • Inflation made the official currency worthless, so people resorted to barter.
    • I have to say that when you are told that you are worthless again and again, you do start to believe it after a while.
    • He was well known as a worthless man and was picked on whenever he was spotted.