Traducción de wouldn't en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈwʊdnt//ˈwʊd(ə)nt/

  • 1

    • Then he turned up as a surprise and said he wouldn't miss walking me down the aisle for anything.
    • His job was a good one and it didn't matter that it wouldn't provide him with a pension.
    • It seems to me most people may tell a joke privately which they wouldn't want broadcast.
    • Time with family and friends was so short that they wouldn't want to let each other go.
    • Yet if you were opening a new pub wouldn't you love to have one of them to do the honours?
    • It's the one word that we all wish had never been invented and then maybe it wouldn't exist.
    • We were very concerned that the service wouldn't be able to keep up with the amount of work.
    • He would write jokes down so he wouldn't forget them and then send them to people.
    • On set or location he does enjoy a challenge, and he loves the life of an actor and wouldn't swap it.
    • They loved its absurdities and wouldn't have wanted anyone to fix all that was wrong.
    • I wouldn't say the defeat today was anything to do with what has happened off the field.
    • I figured she wouldn't be able to stay in the pool for too long anyway, but I was wrong.
    • If they were looking to raise a bit of money it wouldn't surprise me if they sold it.
    • Had he been born in an earlier century, he wouldn't have got away with half of his exploits.
    • I don't think there was one of us that wouldn't move to the city right now given the chance.
    • Initially he had said he would pose for photos but wouldn't speak to any journalists.
    • I mean, who wouldn't want to go to Japan to take photos of the World Cup and get paid for it?
    • If as much energy had been put into the discussions then we wouldn't be in this position now.
    • If they weren't good enough we wouldn't be where we are in fifth place in the table.
    • Simon must have had the phone and dropped it because it was in pieces, so it wouldn't work.
    • would not